Watch the Sessions: Bodies, Movement and AI in VR Symposium Event

On Friday 3rd September we were pleased to present our research and discuss our ideas with the community at our Symposium EventĀ Bodies, Movement and AI in VR. We had a small gathering at Goldmsiths University of 20 researchers, artists and industry professionals and streamed our talks and panels online to another 30 audiences members. You can watch the streams below.

Bodies, Movement and AI in VR Keynote. Speakers: Rebecca Fiebrink and Phoenix Perry

InteractML and Research Insights on Machine Learning for VR Talk. Speakers: Nicola Plant and Clarice Hilton.

Artists Panel: Machine Learning, Movement and Immersive Art. Chairs: Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli. Panellists: Sara Tirelli, Eva Lili Bartha and Bushra Burge.

Ethical Implications of AI + VR Panel. Chair: Clarice Hilton. Panellists: Phoenix Perry, Louise Hickman and Harshadha Balasubramanian.