Alchemy artist IBZ MULLAH performing his track STEP STEP at the Lewisham Sound System Trail in Deptford on 29th May 2022, part of the Alchemy x Unit 137 Sound System summer project.

Alchemy is an evolving collective of professional artists, youth workers and Goldsmiths university student ambassadors and placement students working with Lewisham organisations and schools to offer a wide range of professional music skills training, mentoring and performance opportunities to local 13-18 year olds. The project is led by musician and associate lecturer in music and education Mikey Kirkpatrick, made possible by Goldsmiths University (Widening Participation, Music Department, STaCS Department) with additional support from The Albany Deptford, GARA (Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action), Deptford Challenge Trust, The Progress Foundation and the Backstage Trust, as well as donations from Alumni. The Alchemy x Unit 137 Sound System Summer Project is funded by Alchemy, Sound System Outernational / Sonic Street Technologies and the Lewisham Borough of Culture.

Alchemy is also a proud member of the Goldsmiths CCA Residents Programme.

Instagram: @goldsmithsalchemy

What does Alchemy do?

Alchemy meets on Saturdays and offers access to professional music production, recording and rehearsal resources, tuition and mentoring in the university’s music department and CCA Gallery, with developments underway to offer after-school provision at local community centres in partnership with Youth First.

Participants are offered the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to create, perform and record new music with professional artists
  • Take the lead in their own learning
  • Take part in mixtape releases
  • Learn about the music industry
  • Take part in regular radio broadcasts
  • Perform live in a variety of venues and events
  • Make new friends / start new collaborations
  • Take part in music skills workshops (production, performance, making music videos, sound design, composing for film, TV, computer games, theatre and more)
  • Receive weekly opportunity e-mails with access to workshops, funding and career development opportunities.
  • Receive career / further education advice and support.
  • Weekly catch-ups and mentoring with experienced youth workers
  • Receive support with GCSEs
  • Meet and work with industry professionals
  • Meet and learn with Student Ambassadors
  • Access skills masterclasses
  • Get free / discounted tickets to relevant events and performances

How do I get involved?

We currently accept referrals from Lewisham schools and partner organisations. We are dedicated to working with young people who are facing barriers. If you would like more information, please contact Mikey directly via