Colour close up photograph of a professional photo box. A white label stuck to the Side of the box reads: Photographs for conservation

The Courtauld Connects’ Digitisation Project Blog

Animating Archives partner Tom Bilson is head of Digital Media at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London; and one of the team involved in the NLHF Digitisation Project and Digital Media blog at the Courtauld libraries, creating a digital and publicly accessible archive from the Courtauld’s collection.

The three collections covered by the project are the Conway Library, just under a million mounted photographs and cuttings of architecture and sculpture started by Lord Conway of Allington; the complete archive of black and white prints and negatives by photographer Anthony F. Kersting, covering architecture of almost every European country, Asia, New Zealand, the Middle and Far East; and The De Laszlo Gift of Paul Laib Negatives, with over 20,000 images of works of all the major artists active in Britain between 1900 and 1945.

Driven by a network of volunteers whose research and experiences with the material are hosted on the The Courtauld Connect’s Digitisation Project Blog, the project weaves grassroots and practices of memorialising and narrativizing into the institutions approach to the archive and its opening up to a wider public.

Follow this link to the Digital Media blog

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