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Caribbean Film Club

The Caribbean Film Club invites students, staff and the public to explore the richness of Caribbean cultures through a series of feature films and documentaries. Focusing on diverse contexts and themes, from erotic tourism in Haiti to Santeria religions in Cuba, the series offers insight into the creativity and complexity of the region.

All welcome! A £1 entrance fee is requested towards the Dominica Hurricane Maria Relief Fund

For more info contact: Dr Adom Philogene Heron (Social Anthropology)

Room: RHB 342, Goldsmiths 

Time: 6pm

Week 4 – Wednesday 25th October

Life and Debt (2001) by Stephanie Black [Library 330.97292 LIF]

Documentary look at the effects of globalization on Jamaican industry and agriculture. It examines the economic and social situation in Jamaica, and specifically the impact thereon of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank’s structural adjustment policies. Its starting point is the essay A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid.

Week 5 – Wednesday 1st November

La Fuerza del Tambor [the power of the drum] (2006) by Alfredo Calvo Cano [Library 789.1 FUE]

A vibrant example of how the African spiritual and musical traditions have survived in Cuba, “The Power of the Drum” features live public religious ceremonies, interviews with practitioners of the African religions, and drumming demonstrations.

Week 6  – Wednesday 8th November

The Lunatic (1991) by Lol Crème

The story of a village madman, Aloysious, who has the amazing ability to talk to anything, including trees, cows and cricket balls. Aloysious meets Inga, a German nymphomaniac, who uses her ‘pum pum power’ to capture his heart.


WEEK 7 – Wednesday 15th November

Heading South (2005) Laurent Cantet [Library 791.43744 HEA]

Three white women – Ellen, a university professor from New England; Brenda, a housewife from Georgia; and Sue, a blue-collar Canadian – travel to a Haitian resort in search of erotic pleasure. Hoping to escape from dissatisfaction and loneliness, the women repeatedly hire handsome local men for casual sex. But, when Brenda begins to develop feelings for one of the men, Legba, the sudden appearance of honest emotion throws the trio into turmoil.

WEEK 9  – Wednesday 29th November

Dancehall Queen (1997) by Rick Elgood and Don Letts [Library 791.43731 DAN]

Marcia, a Jamaican single mother and street vendor raising two daughters disguises herself for a dance contest, pits her enemies against each other and goes on to become queen of the dancehall.

WEEK 10 – Wednesday 6th December

Rockers (1978) by Ted Bafaloukos [Library 791.437 ROC]

Horsemouth, a rastaman form Kingston, sets himself up in business selling records around Jamaica on his lion of Judah motorbike. But when gangsters steal his bike things start to turn nasty. As tensions build, Horsemouth and friends plot to end the gangsters’ reign of terror and restore justice to the people of Kingston.

Week 11 – Wednesday 13th December

Pressure (1976) by Horace Ové [791.43731 PRE]

Focusing on a single family, Pressure examines the tensions that emerge between first and second generation West Indians in London. British-born youngest son, Tony, finds himself negotiating between the respectable Trinidadian world of his parents and his own explorations of a black political identity. 

We look forward to you joining us!