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The U.K.’s Growing Gambling Problem

‘Academic research into gambling was “a second-rate field” because of the proliferation of industry-financed research projects’ Professor Rebecca Cassidy raises is New York Times.

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TEDx UCL Women 2017 -call for volunteers

TEDx UCL Women is an independent TED event run by UCL students which celebrate women at UCL and in the wider community and all work done to break down gender-based and intersected oppressions.

Although based at UCL and run primarily by UCL students, the organisers would like to make use of the dense population of creative and interested people at London universities, be they students or staff, and attempt to utilise this for their team members and speakers. This year’s talk has been scheduled for November and the organisers are now recruiting team members to help put the event together.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please see the recruitment pack, with information about the roles available, and the application form. Interested parties are also encouraged to like the events Facebook page and to follow them on Twitter as both platforms will be updated on a regular basis with more details of the event.

TEDx events are not-for-profit and are run by volunteers, so all roles available are on a volunteering basis. However, they try their best to develop the skills of every person involved in the team and offer training and development to their best ability.

Art and Anthropology- from archive to future: part four

As part of the Department of Anthropology’s screening event curated by Matthew Stock, here is the fourth of our selected student films.

To the Woman in the Frame, by Charis Hauri