Maximilian Bloching

Instagram: @max_bloching


  • An image of an illustrated mountain.
  • An image of three aeroplane turbines.
  • An image of an illustrated village.
  • An image of numbers and an illustrated figure.
  • An image of a mountainside.
  • An inverted, greyscale image of a chair lift next to a mountain.

Snow Depot 666 (2023) embarks from a series of illustrated newspapers from the 1560s that depict how people in Germany and Switzerland witnessed and interpreted the appearance of Northern Lights, so called ‘sky fires’ on the morning of the 28th of December 1560. In the film, hand-colored wood block prints and accounts of the drastic weather changes in the 1560s – known as the beginning of the Little Ice Age – encounter a contemporary portrait of industrial production of winter landscape surrounding a glacier in a high Alpine skiing resort. Drawing on two distinct moments of apocalyptic visioning, Snow Depot 666 traces past and present dreams and nightmares of Alpine winter landscape.