Eos Brüggen (She/They)

Email: ebrug001@gold.ac.uk

Instagram: @eosbruggen

Website: www.eosbruggen.com

In a multi-sensory experience, the audience inhabits a textile and tactile forest. Humans, trees, moss, and mushrooms are interconnected via an audio – and light installation that lies beneath their feet like a mycelial network.

Knuf, Writing, Installation, Performance and Film, 2021.

This film is part of an installation, in which I embody my favourite soft toy, Knuf. Through reading a self-written story to my toys, I invite the audience to partake in a childlike world, to re-connect to parts that were lost, and to celebrate playfulness.

A person stands in an angel-shaped dress made of 280 dried oranges.
In my orange world, Costume, 2021.

This dress made of 280 dried oranges explores the materiality of flesh versus fruit, and in doing so celebrates the joy of transience and mortality, challenging the vanity of consumption.