Katya Bobina

Email: peppapropaganda@gmail.com

Instagram: @peppapropaganda

A person stands, blowing a whistle taken from one of two shelves suspended from the ceiling.
Whistles, 2020.

25 clay whistles. Exploration of learning a skill from scratch as well as creation of objects that balance on the fine line between design, art and craft.

Two images of a person rocking on a wooden rocking-horse-like object.
Horse, 2021.

Wooden Horse? An object free of conventional connotations of use. Will the absence of prescribed rules encourage us to play and move freely when interacting with this object?

Modular puzzle pieces made of wood hanging on a wall.

Puzzles, 2022.

Modular floor piece that aims to alter and distort conventional spaces. How will we move when interacting with it?