Kavitha Balasingham

Email: kavithabalasingham94@hotmail.co.uk

Instagram: @kavitha.balasingham

Website: kavithabalasingham.com

  • An installation shot showing sand on the floor and two screens standing vertically.
  • An image of many blue objects that look like teardrops, in two corners of an installation.
  • A detailed shot of sand on the floor of an installation.

An image of a large, green and purple wavy doorway standing in the centre of a room.
‘i did the splits, no-one even clapped. am i not cute anymore?’,
MDF, green and purple flocking, LCD screens, iPhone, Arduinos, 2021.

An image of an abstract red sculpture surrounded by candles on the floor of the room around it.
‘you are what you eat’, MDF, orange flocking, iPhones, iPad, magnets, ice-cream candles, strawberry essence, vanilla essence, chocolate essence, 2021.