Lily Ashrowan


Vimeo: Lily Ashrowan


  • A photograph of a dark street.
  • A photograph of a tree in a forest.
  • A photograph of a dimly lit person against a brick wall.
  • A photograph of a lamp post beneath a tree at night.
  • A photograph of two houses next to each other.
  • a corridor illuminated green.
  • A photograph of a dimly lit body of water.

An ongoing set of photographs which capture ghosts. These spectres are glimpses of past presents or future pasts which leak into the now, to become portals, or ephemeral moments of resonance.

Exposure, Video, 2022.

A crisis of representation, both personal and universal, where the black screen becomes the luminous site of the image’s immanence. This film enacts a loss and therefore transforms it.

Armchair Rave, Audio, 2021.

An audio work that sonically charts the personal history of my parents’ entanglements with the early rave scene, from snippets of conversation and news reports, to samples from the tracks which move us.