Lily Hargreaves


Instagram: @beanbagbod


A painting of a 1920s party.
There Will Be No Rest (Even In Our Dreams), Oil on Canvas, 2022.

Double doors open to the loudest part of the manor and the party’s primal cell: the ballroom. The music rises to deafening as DEAN leads onto the floor to join the smiling and uninterested masses.

A painting of two women, sat in dresses, looking at the viewer.
The Blue Hand Points North, Oil on Canvas, 2022.

EDITH thanks the woman but the conversation has already resumed. Only the dark-haired girl faces her now and gives EDITH a knowing nod.

A painting of three different drinks glasses. One is spilling over the edge of a table.
A Weakness Or A Dream, Oil on Canvas, 2022.

Glasses of almost-finished drinks are stacked on every available surface from windowsills to mantelpieces to balustraded bannisters. And circled around each of these surfaces are choruses of swelling chatter and gossip that consumes the room.