Mia Shaw

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Clout Fantasy AD, Video, 2022.

An introduction to Clout Quest. This advert for Clout Quest promotes the company’s brand-new venture into fantasy gaming. See your favourite Clout Crew members star in this epic adventure!

Northumberlandia fakery! The girl who can’t get enough | Clapped to Cracked, Video, 2021.

Clapped to Cracked is Clout’s first reality television series. Following the lives of wanna be Clout Crew members. This episode investigates the life of Rebecca Cosplay a Northumberland fanatic. Our host helps transform her disastrous look.

  • An image of three multicoloured hand puppets.
  • An image of a colourful painting of many princess-like characters.
  • a digital image of two cartoon people.
  • An image of a cartoonish, ceramic cat on a plate.
  • A painting of a castle.
  • An image of a projection of a person's face onto a wall.