Molly Youjing Zhang


A person is lying, curled up in a ball in a transparent plastic bag in an empty bath.
Plastic Lover, Latex, clay, clear PVC fabric, vacuum storage bag, 2021.

Of course, I fell in love with plastic.
I found him all around me, I couldn’t move, as his shape is my shape.
We lived together ever after, just like how a love story ends.

an image of a human sized wearable mermaid tale.
Little Mermaid, Latex, clay, clear PVC fabric, metal wires, mixed paints, 2020.

Human size wearable mermaid tale.

A piece of plaster cast to look like a duvet lying on a grey floor.
Sleeping Beauty, Media: Plaster, duvet, glue, 2022.

The curse did not let sleeping beauty fall to sleep, but countless sugar coated
restrictions let girls shut up.