Patrycja Loranc


 Instagram: @psychepoeticlaundrette


More of What I Don’t Know – trailer, video, performance, field recordings, humming, singing, speech, sweet wrappers, music, 2022.

Four parts of Fragments of Experience project. Psychedelic Practice. Inspired by sensory profiles and neurodiversity the film treats the sensory experience and unique associations of memory as a trigger for an altered state.

  • An abstract, multi-coloured image.
  • an abstract, dark image.
  • a distorted black and white image.
  • A very dark, black and red image.
  • An abstract, greyscale image.
  • An abstract, multi-coloured image.

Fragments of Experience is my ongoing ritual of experimental practice. I collect videos, photographs, sound, and text, captured in different moments of my life that reflect on/resonate with my cognitive, emotional, and sensory experiences.

Here and What Made Me Be, still photographs, field recordings from spaces, 2021.

Exploration of relationships with objects, spaces, and nature through unique sensory profiles. Flicker as a structural tool interacting with brainwaves in a meditative state. A participatory practice. Memory, home-feeling, post-traumatic reclaiming, love.