Thea Kotey


Exploring the delicate dualism of both having and being a Black body in contemporary art, my video works seek to correct the stark lack of representation of African diasporic women. A challenge towards Whiteness, through repetition of footage and audio, slowed and prolonged single-shot clips, in conjunction with complex framing; I offer an almost ambivalently interpersonal look at my own relationship to the construct of whiteness. An inversion to Black-face or Minstrelry, I draw attention to the extremely violent aspects of whiteness, through the context of beauty standards, and racial diversity in a way that doesn’t simply invert and conform to stereotyping or mockery, but offers a unique look at racial vulnerability.

3 greyscale photos in a vertical line: a blurred face, an in focus dace, and a glass being filled with liquid.

3 greyscale photos in a vertical line: a close up of a neck, a person painting a white line under their right eye, and a person's whole face painted white.