Welcome to ART

Ashok’s Research Team (ART) is made of researchers that use cognitive neuropsychology to further understand a range of cognitive processes.

Ashok’s Research Team (ART) consists of a group of people who use cognitive neuropsychology as the basis for studying a number of different mental (cognitive) processes. Within cognitive neuropsychology, we generally use information from a system that has been damaged to try to understand how the intact system functions. As an analogy, it would be like understanding the gearbox of a car when it broke down to understand one part of the fully functioning car, then if the car broke down again and this time it was the heating system, understanding that; if the car broke down in a number of different ways, then eventually it would be possible to understand how the different parts work, not by looking at the car when it is fully functioning but looking at different cars that were not working.

There are three main areas in which members of ART work:

    • Face recognition
    • Memory
    • Executive functions

In each of these different areas, we use evidence from (where possible) individuals with brain damage or developmental disorders to try to understand how we remember, recognize familiar faces and manage our everyday behaviour. The findings can be useful both for the theoretical understanding of different aspects of cognition but also eventually to help individuals who have disorders in these abilities.