BSc students

BSc Students

Idda KimaaliIdda Kimaali

Idda is a second-year undergraduate student in Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience. She is interested in studying the brain’s ability to learn after damage and how such research allows researchers to gain an insight into normal cognition. She is currently working on a study to explore the effect of semantic relatedness on memory recognition in older and younger participants.

YeeHiun Chin

Yee is a third-year undergraduate psychology student and is currently working with Dr Ashok Jansari as a research assistant. His main research interests are neuroplasticity, working memory and understanding how the brain learns to read. In particular, he is interested in understanding how these three fields of research can be applied to educational settings.


Melissa Evans

Melissa is a Third year BSc Psychology student who has been attending ART for the past two academic years. She has worked on a research project for ART on prosopagnosia. She has since moved on to focus her interest in behavioural genetics, development and health outcomes and is currently working on a study on the Effects of Assistive Reproductive Technology on Development. She still attends ART meetings to provide feedback on ART projects and give presentations.

Dominik Sala

Dominik is a second-year undergraduate student in Psychology with Clinical Psychology. He is especially interested in memory and major depressive disorder and its bearings on people’s everyday life. Currently, he is working on a study looking at gender-linked differences in everyday memory performance and preparing the application for the EPS bursary with Dr Ashok Jansari. In the future, Dominik would like to work as a research assistant and to become a neuropsychologist.

Lucy White

I am a first-year mature student studying Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. I began this academic journey because I am fascinated in how the mind and brain work together. I have been a member of ART since the beginning of my degree. I am an active research assistant and I working with the facial recognition group, which is involved in investigating different aspects of facial recognition. Being a member of ART has given me so much insight into cutting-edge research and interesting projects – I am very proud to be part of the team.

Natasha Cucchiara

Natasha is a second-year Psychology undergraduate and a research assistant for the executive functions group in ART. Her interests lie in executive functions and the cognitive processes involved in neurodevelopmental disorders and how these affect regulation and academic achievement, with an interest in application to real life.

Tristan Alexander

Tristan is a second year undergraduate student studying Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. He is professional actor and runs a non-fiction book summary website and podcast called Wise Words  He is interested in many subjects outside of psychology such as politics, philosophy and health and so brings an outside perspective to the very detail oriented subject of neuroscience.

Oscar Knockton

Oscar is a first year undergraduate student studying Psychology. He joined ART in 2020 with a main interest into executive functions, while also helping with some of the technical side of things in ART. Oscar also hopes to investigate Psychedelics in the future.

Vytautė Gavelytė

Vytautė is a first-year undergraduate student studying BSc Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience and is currently working with Dr Ashok Jansari as a research assistant. She is interested in the association between consciousness, behaviour and personality. Through her involvement in Dr Ashok’s research team, she hopes to expand her knowledge on neuropsychology and further develop her research skills.

Disha Pattani

Hi my name is Disha and I am a first year psychology student. It is an amazing opportunity to be part of ART as I have learnt so many different areas of neuro and cognitive psychology such as facial recognition and executive functions. It is a great pleasure to work with a fantastic team and explore different areas of psychology.

Denisa Gorina

Denisa a third-year student studying Psychology BSc at Goldsmiths. For her final year project, She is investigating the executive functions in eating disorders using the Jansari assessment of Executive Function under the supervision of Ashok.


Olivia Iggstrand Darvill

Olivia is a second-year undergraduate student studying Psychology and Clinical Psychology. Her interests lie in research exploring the potential use of psychedelic drugs for treating mental illnesses, as well as research investigating altered states of consciousness. She aims to work as a therapist or psychiatrist in the future.


Linzi Hall

Linzi is a second-year undergraduate student at Goldsmith’s.  Her most recent study was investigating personality variables as predictors of COVID-19 attitudes and non-compliance. Her main research area of interest is substance use disorder co-morbidity and executive dysfunction in the addicted brain.


Max Bowman

Max is a second-year BSc Psychology student with broad interests such as altered states of consciousness including sleep and, Nootropics. Max aspires to work in research that increases productivity, health, and well-being.