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Sydney BakerSydney Baker

Sydney is a MSc Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience student from the USA supervised by Dr Ashok Jansari. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado (USA) and her Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Bradford (UK). Sydney’s research interests focus on neurobiological causes of bipolar disorder, psychopharmacology and factors affecting executive functions. Her current work seeks to investigate the potential interaction effects of nicotine and caffeine on executive constructs by utilising Dr Jansari’s ecologically-valid virtual reality tool, the Jansari assessment of Executive Functions, (JEF©). The aim is to gain insight into the effects of stimulants on executive functioning in individuals with bipolar disorder by assessing healthy controls and bipolar patient case studies. After graduating, she plans to work in affective disorder research and pursue a PhD in psychological medicine.

Andrea Furuly

Andrea Furuly is a MSc student in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience. Before starting the MSc, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Currently she is working on a project with Ashok Jansari related to his test VALMT, to look at differences in healthy age-related memory loss in the elderly population. The test has been able to identify Accelerated Long-term Forgetting, and the current project is looking to further explore the sensitivity and validity of the test. Accelerated Long-term Forgetting is a form of rapid forgetting of newly leaned information over a period of hours. After graduating Andrea is hoping to work in research related to memory.

Jeramey MasonJeramey Mason

Jeramey is a student in the MSc Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience programme. He completed his Bachelor’s in Psychology in the United States at Purdue University. While there he worked under Dr Margo Monteith focusing on racial implicit bias primarily, however during his undergraduate he undertook an internship abroad in Sydney, Australia at The Brain & Mind Research Institute of University of Sydney. There he was exposed to neuropsychology and cognitive psychology and developed an interest in these areas working closely with the practitioners and patients. His current research proposal is looking at the effects of a traumatic brain injury on ex-offenders and how those who’ve experienced this sort of injury have a greater likelihood of reoffending. The research will be conducted using the Jansari Assessment of Executive Functions (JEF©).

Elanur Altunbas

Elanur is completing her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Sociology at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania. She is currently studying abroad at Arcadia’s campus in London. She is doing a research internship with Dr Jansari until the end of March because of her interest in neuropsychology. After graduating, she hopes to attend medical school.

Francesco Innocenti

Francesco completed his BSc in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience in 2021 at Goldsmiths, University of London. He helped Dr Jansari develop The Goldsmiths Unfamiliar Face Memory Test and did his thesis on evolutionary models of perception, supervised by Dr Terhune. Now he is a PhD student at the University of Sussex, working with Professor Anil Seth and collaborators on various projects including the brain dynamics underlying different conscious states and biologically-inspired computational models of vision. Francesco is passionate about open science and is developing a number of resources for the cognitive computational neuroscience community.

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Caroline Daily (Former Research Assistant)

Caroline is a third-year undergraduate student studying psychology at Washington University in St. Louis. She is studying abroad for one term at Goldsmiths and is doing a research assistantship with Dr Jansari for the term. She is very interested in the human brain and how it works and would like to attend medical school after she graduates.

Olivia JarvisOlivia Jarvis (Former Research Assistant)

Olivia is completing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania. She is currently working as a research assistant with Ashok while studying abroad in London until the end of April. Her interests include social psychology and executive functions. She hopes to pursue a PhD in neuropsychology and return to London in the future.