International Research Assistants

International Research Assistants

Priyanka Dey

My name is Priyanka. I am currently doing my Master’s in Applied Psychology from the University of Calcutta in India. The way the brain works and how it all translates to behaviour, particularly abnormal behaviour fascinates me. I discovered ART through Dr Jansari’s online talks and am thrilled to be a part of it.


Nayanika Sengupta

I am Nayanika Sengupta who has completed her MSc in Psychology from Banaras Hindu University, India. I am currently a part of a project under supervision of Dr Aparna Dutt where we are developing a naming test for patients with dementia in the local Bengali language.  The human brain and how any minute changes in its neural networks can create marked changes in behaviour fascinates me.  I have discovered Dr Jansari through his lockdown talks and was really interested in joining his team.

Rachel Keyes

My name is Rachel Keyes and I am finishing my Bachelor’s degree at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I found out about ART through one of Dr Jansari’s talks while I was studying abroad and attending Goldsmiths. I am completing my internship virtually and am so happy to be a part of such a diverse group of individuals.


Rahul K V

Rahul is a Senior Research Fellow at National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, India. He has completed his MSc in Neuropsychology and has keen interest in the areas of culture, cognition, and aging. In association with Dr Aparna Dutt, we are carrying out a systematic review on Cognitive tests available for screening dementia in India. Rahul believe culture plays a significant role in ageing and dementia. He was part of a longitudinal aging study named SANSCOG, which is aimed at assessing protective and risk factors of rural elderly people. With the help of INSERM (National Institute of Medical Research), France, he worked towards developing a culturally sensitive cognitive tool to assess the early changes of pathological aging. Rahul was introduced to ART by Dr Aparna Dutt and was fascinated by the diverse team, regular talks, and peer learning sessions.


Oromia Eshete

My name is Oromia Eshete and I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Brigham Young University in Utah. I am planning to enter a graduate program soon and aspire to be a clinical neuropsychologist. Dr. Jansari lectured at my university last year and I was fascinated with his research. I am very fortunate to be interning with him and appreciate such a diverse, intelligent team.


Kruti Rathi

I am Kruti Rathi. I hold a Masters in Science (MSc) in Clinical & Neuropsychology from Bangor University, United Kingdom. I have a keen interest in understanding how the brain is connected to different behaviors, clinical manifestations of the same and the thought processes underlying those behaviors. I found out about ART through one of Ashok’s talks and I am delighted to be a part of the amazing team.
I am currently working on the Indian version of VALMT under his supervision.

Lubna Kumar

Lubna has completed her MSc Clinical and Health Psychology from Bangor University, UK. Her research “Emotion Regulation on Goal Pursuits” talks about how achievement of goal plays a vital role for international students and impulse control is the predictor of goal pursuits. She is currently working as an International Research Assistant for ART and is working on the Indian version of VALMT study under the supervision of Dr Ashok Jansari.

Lewis Philippe

Lewis recently graduated from the University of Sussex in Psychology with Neuroscience. His dissertation focused on relating participants impulsivity and their conditioned responses in a virtual operant conditioning application. Lewis joined ART in September 2021 as a research assistant and since then he helped other members of ART with their own projects, helped Ashok with his book he is publishing this year and most recently Lewis have been collecting data for the French version of the Verbal Associative Learning and Memory Task (VALMT).



Pooja Mahendran

Pooja has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Psychology (BSc) at Royal Holloway, University of London. She is interested in research looking at regaining cognitive functioning after acquiring a brain injury and in research looking at potential treatments for neurodegenerative disorders. Currently, she is a cognitive rehabilitation assistant for clients who have acquired brain injuries. By working in ART as a research assistant, she hopes to further develop her research and presentation skills.