Auto / Bio / Fiction in Practice: A Symposium

8 June 2023



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Our ongoing Auto / Bio / Fiction seminar series invites multi-disciplinary inquiry into the critical and creative practices of autofiction, biofiction and their neighbouring genres.

To conclude our successful 2022-23 programme, this Symposium will bring together a diverse range of writers and practice-led researchers, each worrying in different ways the boundaries between truth and fiction, life and art, self and character.

Our hope is that this will be a playful and productive day of creative and critical exchange. Panels will include readings from works in progress, presentations of practice-led research, short exercises or participatory workshops, and time for wider discussion.

Presentation topics will range from the liminality and experimentation of/within these forms; the complications of writing the other and/or writing the self into the other; sampling, co-authorship and their ethics; narrativizing bodies, trauma, illness, disability, queerness, family history and postmemory; the meeting of creative practice and literary criticism; and the privileging of literary space.

The Keynote Speaker will be  Jarred McGinnis, in conversation with Natasha Bell.

The Conference will take place online.