Auto / Bio / Fictional Graphic Narratives: A Symposium – Programme

26-27 June 2024


(Updated 25 June 2024)

(All times are British Summer Time [GMT+1])


Day One, Wednesday 26 June 2024

10.00-10.15: Welcome and introductory remarks

10.15-11.45: Panel 1: Situating War (Chair: Lucia Boldrini)

Dana Mihăilescu (University of Bucharest, Romania): Humor as (Graphic) Resilience and Revenge against Holocaust Perpetrators in Miriam Katin’s Autobiographical Graphic Narratives

Soham Pradhan (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India): Memories of the War in Waltz with Bashir

Jeanne-Marie Viljoen (University of South Australia): Countering Confinement and Using Comics to Make Life ‘Breathable’

11.45-12.15: Workshop

Darren Fisher (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia): Reconsolidate, Revise, Reframe: Narrativising the Past with Diary Comics

12.15-12.30: Short break

12.30-13.30 Panel 2: Graphic Works and Pedagogy (Chair: Natasha Bell)

Kristina Gedgaudaite (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) & Enrique del Rey Cabero (University of Alcalá, Spain): Teaching at Comics/Literature Crossroads: Genres, Forms, Narratives

Julian Lawrence (Teesside University , UK): Making Comics, Collaborative Practice and Critical Pedagogy: Autoethnographic Memoir as Methodology in Arts-Based Educational Research

13.30-14.15: Break

14.15-15.15 Panel 3: Material / Verbal / Non-verbal Narration of Selves and Others (Chair: Nancy Pedri)

Gareth Brookes (University of the Arts London, UK): Hybrid Traces of Fact and Fiction in Graphic Autobiography

Barnaby Lickens-Richards  (Falmouth University, UK): Do you see what I mean? Eata and Hild and their relationship to words

15.15-15.30: Short break

15.30-17.20: Panel 4: Auto/bio/fictional Comics Counter-narratives (Chair: Maria Juko)

Deepak Dhananjayan (Pondicherry University, India): Intersectionality and Hybridity in Indian Postcolonial Graphic Narratives: A Study of Bhimayana

Meenakshi Malhotra (Delhi University, India): Gods and Demons: Challenging  Representation and Caste in Graphic Formats

Letícia Simões (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil / University of Porto, Portugal): Malungas: A black feminist epistemology in autofictional comics

CT Lim (Singapore): Drawn to Satire: Sketches of Cartoonists in Singapore (Flash contribution)

17.20-17.35: Short break

17.35-19.05: Panel 5: Confronting Illness and Death (chair: Claudia Fiorella)

Athmika Tarun  (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India): Documenting Dissociative Identity Disorder: History, Experience and Authenticity

Kathleen Venema (University of Winnipeg, Canada): Aneurin Wright’s Things to do: Comics and End-of-Life Care

Haiqi Yang (University of the Arts London, UK): Embodying anxiety disorders in Auto/Bio/Fictional graphic narratives: balancing narrative effectiveness and emotional safety


Day Two, Thursday 27 June 2024

9.30-9.45: Welcome

9.45-11.15: Panel 6: Navigating Traumatic Inheritance (Chair: Lucia Boldrini)

Logan Scott (University of East Anglia, UK): The Dark Lit-up: The Factual and Fictional in Environment and Personal Loss Narratives

Leonie Sharrock (University of South Wales, UK): Curious Tides: Processes of discovering an inherited biography

Siddiqua Fatima Virji (International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India): Embroidered Narratives: Spaces and Boundaries in Embroideries, Marjane Satrapi’s 2003 Comic

11.15-11.30: Short break

11.30-13.20: Panel 7: Contextualizing Personal Identity (Chair: Natasha Bell)

Ajay James (IIT Kharagpur, India): The Self in Performance: Examining the Innovative Visual Storytelling in Mira Jacob’s Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations

Ishita Mondal (English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India): Reconciling with the Altered Ill Body-self through Graphic Negotiations: A Study of Comics as a Method of Creating Identity Content

Małgorzata Olsza (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland): Everywoman’s story: Between biofiction and zóéfiction

Lucie Lindnerová (Masaryk University, Czech Republic ): “I’m Not Like Other Girls”: Construction of the Female Identity in Patriarchal Society (Flash contribution)

13.20-14.05: Break

14.05-15.05: Panel 8 (merged with panel 10): Speaking and Showing the Complexity of Self / From Child to Adult (Chair: Nancy Pedri)

Laura Beadling (Youngstown State University, USA): Graphic Memoir of Witness: MK Czerwiec’s Memoir as a Complex Work of Graphic Medicine

Marjorie Dryburgh (University of Sheffield): Ambivalent Graphic Memoir and the Child in Wartime: Morita Kenji’s My Manchuria

15.05-15.20: Short break

15.20-17.10: Panel 9: Biofictional Comics (Chair: Maria Juko)

Maria Juko (Potsdam, Germany): ‘A Bacchante Unbound’: Isadora Duncan’s Dance with Death

Arnaud Schmitt (University of Pau, France): Vicarious Narratives and Biographical Mirrors in Alison Bechdel’s Autobiographical Work

Svitlana Stupak (University of Siegen, Germany): Through the Eyes of the Blind: A Biofictional Account of Nathan Leopold in The Hunting Accident: A True Story of Crime and Poetry (2017)

Laura Cernat (KU Leuven, FWO, Belgium): Doubling the Punctum: Autofictional Hues and Biofictional Shades in Mary and Bryan Talbot’s Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes (Flash contribution)

Panel 10 has been merged with panel 8 

17.10-17.25: Concluding remarks

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