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Past, Present, Future – Chinese Language Acquisition and Society Conference Speakers (17th June)

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Join us here at Goldsmiths Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance in celebrating 10 years of the department.

We will be marking the occasion with an exciting period of talks and seminars from eminent guest speakers from around the globe as they explore the evolution of Chinese language acquisition techniques and present research material relating to Mandarin Chinese teaching and learning techniques.

The Past, Present, Future Forum offers a platform for interdisciplinary discussion and critical engagement.

The conference is free and open to all, please register your place here.

Meet our guest speakers…

17th June, Lower- Ground Floor LG01, Professor Stuart Hall Building, Goldsmiths campus, New Cross

Wei Jin

2.20pm, 17th June 2022

Talk: Teaching and Learning Material

Wei Jin

Wei Jin, Guest Speaker at Goldsmiths on 17th June 2022

Jin Wei is a lecturer with many years experience. She is currently the Teacher Training & Professional Development Coordinator at UCL Institute of Education where she lectures on the PGCE programme and works on the Mandarin Excellence Programme at the UCL Institute of Education; she was formerly a lecturer in Chinese language at Goldsmiths and SOAS, University of London and at the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Yangguang Chen

2.50pm, 17th June 2022

Talk: The Rise of Chinese as a Globalising Language in the UK

Image of Yangguang Chen

Yangguang Chen, Guest Speaker at Goldsmiths on 17th June 2022

Dr. Yangguang Chen is Professor of Education in Goldsmiths Education department; she joined the department in 2006 after 20 years of experience in academia at China’s universities. Her research interest includes comparative education, curriculum studies, and citizenship education. She won the Overseas Research Scheme (ORS) Award and registered her PhD study in Educational Studies at Goldsmiths.

Dr. Chen has since extended her research into the field of educational bilingualism and focused her research on educational policy particularly with reference to issues of social inclusion and ethnic minority achievement. She also works on the BA in Education, Culture and Society programme, MA in Education: Culture, Language and Identity, PGCE (Secondary) MFL programme and the MPhil/PhD programmes at Goldsmiths. She is a member of the Centre for Language, Culture and Learning at Goldsmiths.

Jing Fang

3.45pm, 17th June 2022

Talk: Online Tools and Resources to Assist Chinese Language Teaching and Learning

Image of Speaker Jing Fang

Jing Fang, Guest Speaker at Goldsmiths on 17th June 2022, Image Credit: University of Oxford

Jing Fang graduated from Beijing Normal University and the University of Edinburgh. She is a lecturer in Chinese Language at the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Oxford University where she has taught for more than 20 years.

Ms Jing Fang is a Lecturer in Chinese with many years’ experiences teaching Chinese literature and language. She formerly taught at the University of International Business and Economics (Beijing) and the University of Edinburgh.

This practical session introduces some online tools and resources which can assist Chinese language teaching and learning. It aims to make teaching preparation easier, teaching more effective, and student learning more independent.

Chenjin Ying

4.45pm, 17th June 2022

Talk: Methods of Grammar Teaching

Workshop: Mock Teaching of Directional Complement 

Image of Chenjin Ying

Chenjin Ying, Guest Speaker at Goldsmiths on 17th June 2022

Chenjin Ying is currently a Mandarin lecturer on the undergraduate Chinese studies programme and Mandarin credit courses at Goldsmiths; she is on secondment from Capital Normal University in Beijing. She studied Chinese Linguistics and language and literature education at Peking University and Zhejiang Univeristy. Chenjin has taught Mandarin learners and trained Mandarin teachers at universities in Germany, Belgium, and USA.

Past, Present, Future – Chinese Arts Practice Conference Speakers (17th-19th June)

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Join us here at Goldsmiths Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance in celebrating 10 years of the department.

We will be marking the occasion with an exciting period of talks and seminars from eminent guest speakers from around the globe as they explore Chinese art, book culture, language acquisition, social sciences, film, dance, theatre and philosophy and an array of other disciplines relating to Chinese culture, language and society.

The Past, Present, Future Forum offers a platform for interdisciplinary discussion and critical engagement.

The conference is free and open to all, please register your place here.

Meet our guest speakers…

Dr. Shaolin Ou

17th and 19th June

Opening Speeches

Shaolin Ou

Dr. Shaolin Ou is Chinese Director of Goldsmiths Confucius Institute

Dr. Shaolin Ou is Chinese Director at Goldsmiths Confucius Institute. She is an artist, researcher and producer, her areas of research and teaching cluster around Chinese Dance, Chinese Aesthetics, Performing Arts and Art Criticism.

Past, Present, Future – Chinese Arts Practice and Society (Friday 17th June)

17th June, LG01, Professor Stuart Hall Building, Goldsmiths campus, New Cross

Dr. Martin Albrow

10:05am, 17th June 2022

Talk: Confucius and the West

Image of Martin Albrow

Martin Albrow, Guest Speaker presents his Book
Image Credit: Xinhua News

Professor Martin Albrow is an eminent globalisation theorist and international sociologist. He is noted for his works on globalization, the theory of the global age and global civil society.

Professor Albrow was appointed as the first full-time sociologist at Reading University in 1963, and subsequently worked at the University College Cardiff, where he was Head of Department, and at Roehampton University. He has also held visiting or guest positions at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, the London School of Economics, the State University of New York at Stony Brook, the Beijing Foreign Studies University, and the University of Bonn.

In his career spanning more than half a century, he has been a pioneer of the globalization theory, former President of the British Sociological Association and founding editor of the prestigious academic journal, International Sociology. In recent years he has written extensively on China’s place in the world today.

Jessica Harrison-Hall

10:35am, 17th June 2022

Talk: Curating China

Image of Jessica Harrison-Hall

Jessica Harrison-Hall, Guest Speaker at Goldsmiths on 17th June 2022, Image Credit:

Jessica Harrison-Hall is Head of the China Section, Curator of the Sir Percival David Collections of Chinese Ceramics, and of Chinese Decorative Arts and Ceramics at the British Museum.

She is a curator with experience of leading curatorial and research teams in the delivery of exciting and complex projects which reimages China’s histories and global relationships through visual and material culture. She has delivered significant exhibitions, galleries and other interpretation projects and has substantial experience of co-curation and collaboration internationally.

Jessica Harrison-Hall is currently Principal Investigator of a major UKRI Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) project with Professor Julia Lovell of London University and an international team investigating diverse aspects of Cultural Creativity and Resilience in Qing China 1796-1912.

Jessica led the China team, curating, researching and developing content and narrative for the Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery of China and South Asia at the British Museum (2015–2017) and for a broad public wrote China: A History in Objects (Thames and Hudson 2017).

Mei-Xin Wang

11:05am, 17th June 2022

Talk: Tradition and Innovation – New Acquisitions from China

Mei-Xin Wang is China Resource Specialist at the Department of Asia at the British Museum. She has an MA from SOAS in Chinese Art and Archaeology.

Mei-Xin’s research interests include Chinese seals, Chinese lacquer and early 20th century Chinese ceramics. Her conference paper, Chinese Seals as Status of Power, was published in the British Museum Research Publication in 2018.

Mengyan Luo

11.50am, 17th June 2022

Talk: The End of Life; The Beginning of Hope (Chinese Funeral Culture in Artistic Works)


Mengyan Luo, Guest Speaker on 17th June 2022

Mengyan is an artist from Xiamen, Fujian in China. Mengyan was formerly an interior designer and is due to obtain her Graduate Diploma in Art from Goldsmiths this summer.

Frances Wood

12.00pm, 17th June 2022

Talk: Sir Hans Sloane’s Collection of Chinese Books (collected in the 17th and 18th centuries)

Image of Frances Wood

Frances Wood with the Tangut scholar Ksenia Kepping during her last visit to the British Library. Photo Credit: British Library Blog

Frances Wood is an English librarian, sinologue and historian with a wealth of experience and known for her writings on Chinese history. Following her undergraduate studies in Chinese at Cambridge University, Frances went on to undertake further studies in Chinese at Peking University in 1975–1976.

Frances joined the staff of the British Library in London in 1977 as a junior curator, and later served as Head Curator of the Chinese collection until her retirement in 2013. She is also a member of the steering committee of the International Dunhuang Project, and the editor of the Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society. Frances has written extensively on China, publishing books in subjects such as Marco Polo, the Forbidden City, the first emperor of China and the Silk Road.

Aveta Shakespeare

Image of Aveta

Aveta Shakespeare, Guest Speaker at Goldsmiths on 17th June 2022.

12.30pm, 17th June 2022

Talk: Past, Present, Future of Chinese Musical Development and Short Workshop

Aveta received her MA in Musical Theatre Performance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland following a first class distinction from Sichuan Conservatoire of Music with a BA in Pop Singing. Before taking up a position as lecturer of Musical Theatre at the Sichuan Conservatoire of Music, Aveta enjoyed a stage career in theatres, films, TV, adverts across China and the West End including CATS, Avenue Q, Glee’Don’t Stop Believin’ as well as winning the distinguished Chinese Ministry of Culture 13th national singing competition and being a finalist in a host of national talent shows.

Aveta is currently working as a teacher of music and drama in an outstanding secondary school in the UK, alongside private tuition. She is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association and Sichuan Provincial Musicians Association, Project manager for MTC musical China media company.

Past, Present, Future – Chinese Arts Practice and Society (Sunday 19th June)

19th June, Lower- Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre, Whitehead Building, Goldsmiths campus, New Cross

Yiyun Li

11.05am, 19th June 2022

Talk: Intercultural Dance Performance

Talk: Experience sharing of Underwater Dance Practice

Yiyun Chinese Dance Teacher

Author: Yiyun Li,
Chinese Dance Teacher at Goldsmiths Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance

Yiyun Li is a professional dance practitioner, experienced dance teacher and creative choreographer who has worked in Chongqing No.47 College as a specialised dance teacher and for 5 years at Chongqing Broadcasting and Television Station as a choreographer.

Yiyun obtained the Gold Award of a performer in a professional group and Silver Award in performance for her self-choreographed dance piece Taste of Sichuan in the Third Shaanxi Province Lotus Dance Contest. She was also awarded the honour of Excellent Choreographer in 2012. Yiyun teaches on the departmental Outreach for Schools programme as well as our Asian Contemporary Dance and Chinese Folk Dance and Chinese Fan Dance short courses here at Goldsmiths Confucius Institute.

Monica Yu

11.15am, 19th June 2022

Talk: Chinese Classical Dance and Actor’s Physical Training

Image of Monica Yu

Monica Yu, Guest Speaker on 19th June 2022, Photo Credit: Guildhall

Monica is an actor trainer and coach who oversees the Acting Studies Programme at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Monica was trained in the Acting Programme at Central Academy of Drama, Beijing. On finishing the degree, she joined the National Theatre of China and worked as a professional actor. Later, she came to London for enriching her acting skills and practice experience. Meanwhile, Monica took an MA in Actor Training and Coaching at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

Recently, Monica is doing a part-time Ph.D. degree at Guildhall School of Music & Drama, her research is about developing an actor’s training system with integrating Chinese performing arts practice. Monica joined the Acting Studies Programme when it started, acting as a “bridge” between teachers and students, and a “connection” between the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London. Monica administers her professional knowledge to develop the international actor cultivation. Also, she applies her artistic experience into intercultural theatre-making and acting creation.

Bo Ning

11.25am, 19th June 2022

Talk: Contemporary Creation of Chinese Traditional Performance Art through Online Sharing.

Ning Bo

Bo Ning, Guest Speaker at Goldsmiths on 19th June 2022

Bo received his BA in Dance Choreography and MA in Creation of Dance and Drama from Beijing Dance Academy in China. He has worked as an associate professor of choreography and MA supervisor in the Dance Department of Xian Conservatory of Music with his own independent body troupe. His research focuses on the practice of dance theatre, involving 3 aspects, namely research on creation of dance with ethnic elements, dance theatre in folk context and dramatic research on body language.

Christopher Bannerman

11.45am, 19th June 2022

Talk: ArtsCross/Danscross 2009-2022: A Decade of Dance and Dialogue

Image of Guest Speaker

Chris Banner – Guest Speaker on 19th June 2022

Christopher Bannerman had an international career as a dancer, choreographer and arts education worker before becoming Professor of Dance and Head of ResCen Research Centre at Middlesex University. He has served on panels for the Prudential and the Olivier Awards for the Arts, as well as on the Drama, Dance and Performing Arts Panel for two Higher Education Research Assessment Exercises, and as a Specialist Assessor for the Quality Assurance Agency.

He has also served as Chair of Dance UK, Chair of the Arts Council England’s Advisory Panel for Dance, Chair of the National Dance Coordinating Committee, Chair of London North Creative Partnerships and as a member of the Dance Forum of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). He has also been co-facilitator of Rural Retreats, an international intensive seminar series, aimed at current and developing leaders in the arts and has directed studio based research projects internationally.

In 1999, he established ResCen Research Centre at Middlesex University, London, an innovative, multi-disciplinary, artist–focused research initiative designed to be a bridge between academia and the practices of professional performing artists. With Joshua Sofaer and Jane Watt, he contributed to and edited Navigating the Unknown: The Creative Process in Contemporary Performing Arts (2006) followed by ‘Dancing Transcultural Dialogues’, a dedicated edition of Choreographic Practices (2016). He is currently developing dialogues with international producers creating resources as part of a project supported by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council called The Producers Toolbox: The Way/Dào of the Producer.

Zhibo Zhao

11.45am, 19th June 2022

Talk (co-presenter): ArtsCross/Danscross 2009-2022: A Decade of Dance and Dialogue

Image of Zhibo Zhao

Zhibo Zhao, Guest Speaker, 19th June 2022

Zhibo Zhao is a highly-trained Chinese dance artist now based in London for her PhD study at Middlesex University and has been a dancer, choreographer and teacher at Beijing Dance Academy (BDA) since 2003. She has received many awards internationally and was awarded the title of National First-Rank Dance Artist, the highest rating given to Chinese artists by the Chinese government. She currently serves as one of the ambassadors for Advancing Women’s Aspirations with Dance, UK.

She has worked as a leading dancer with the BDA Resident Dance Company, performing in over 40 countries worldwide. During this time, she published her autobiography The Thirty Years Old Dancer and translated the classic book on dance improvisation: The Moment of movement: Dance Improvisation into Chinese, the only book in mainland China focusing on dance improvisation. Since 2009, she has been involved as the only ongoing dancer in the international dance research project called ArtsCross/Danscross, collaborating with dance practitioners and scholars from around the world.

Through dance and dancing, her vision is to communicate with artists from different cultures and backgrounds, to promote exchange and dialogue between Chinese dances and the world, and to support the development of a younger generation of Chinese artists.

Han-Lin Hsieh

1.20pm, 19th June 2022

Talk: What is on that shelf? Not only books… Chinese collections in the British Library


Han Lin Hsieh, Guest Speaker on 19th June, Photo Credit: British Library,

Han-Lin is a curator for the Chinese Collections at the British Library in London. Han-Lin completed a BA in Biology in Taiwan and an MSc in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. Before joining the Library in 2018, she worked in various museums and cultural institutions, in the fields of exhibition, education and collection management. Han-Lin is also a trained teacher of Science. Her current duties in the Library include the management of Chinese collections, with focus on cataloguing, conservation and assistance to readers. Han-Lin is particularly interested in science and technology, Buddhism, and education.

Prof. Michael Dutton

1.50pm, 19th June 2022

Talk: Teaching in China, Learning in China

Michael Image

Prof. Michael Dutton, Guest Speaker on 19th June 2022

Michael Dutton holds a joint professorship with the Faculty of Literature at Beijing Capital Normal University and the Department of Politics at Goldsmiths. Dutton’s work circles around his principle of intellectual interest (social theory) and his principle geographic archive, China. Increasingly the distinction between archive and interest, however, has become blurred.

Michael’s earliest major work, Policing and Punishment in China (Cambridge UP 1992), explored the way various Chinese governments disciplined the subject, while his second major work, Streetlife China (1998 Cambridge UP) looked at the popular responses to governmental disciplining. His third book, Policing Chinese Politics (Duke UP 2005) —for which he won the 2007 Levenson Award for the best book on modern China from American Asian Studies Association— explored the underlying dynamic propelling the Maoist revolution while his last book, Beijing Time (Harvard UP), co-authored with former students, revealed another sometimes hidden side to life in the Chinese capital.

Dr. Xiaoying Zhang

2.20pm, 19th June 2022

Talk: Chinese Philosophy – Understanding Chinese Society through Daodejing 《道德经》

Image of speaker Xiaoying Zhang

Dr. Xiaoying Zhang, Guest Speaker at Goldsmiths on 19th June 2022

Dr. Xiaoying Zhang is a professor at the School of International Journalism and Communication, at Beijing Foreign Studies University in China and she is currently also the Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Tirana, Albania.

Her research interests include international communication and cross-cultural communication; some of her notable academic papers include, The Economist’s Construction of Globalization (1985-2010): A Narrative Analysis with a Chinese Perspective; Chinese Media Micro Communication, Annual Report on International Influence (co-author, first author); and translator of the book, What Can America Learn from China? She has written several English commentary articles for newspapers, such as, The Guardian and has published more than 50 papers in academic books and periodicals.

Alice Qianhui Sun

2.40pm, 19th June 2022

Talk: The Influence of Chinese Mythology on my Artistic Practices

Alice Qianhui Sun, Guest Speaker at Goldsmiths on 19th June 2022, Photo Credit: hARTslane,

Alice Qianhui Sun is an artist studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths whose work takes on many forms, including, ceramics, painting and printwork, and aims to express inventive interpretations of emotive and psychologically troubling subjects like the politics of birthrights and gender representation. Alice Qianhui has recently exhibited at Espacio Gallery, Peckham Safe House and local New Cross gallery, hARTslane.

Alice Qianhui Sun – Instagram

New developments for global Confucius Institutes

The Centre for Language Education and Cooperation and the Chinese International Education Foundation have been officially announced on 5th July 2020.

It has been a critical period for the development of Confucius Institutes – the growing need for providing Chinese language education across the world has put forward the demand on new levels of resources and high-quality Chinese language courses. In response to this demand, people from all walks of life, including many principals of partner universities, directors of Confucius Institutes, and other colleagues from China and abroad, have proposed forming a foundation that would support Confucius Institutes worldwide. During the 2019 International Chinese Language Education Conference, a general consensus was reached to advance this proposal. Several Confucius Institute partner universities with rich experience in educational exchange, such as Peking University, Fudan University, and Beijing Language and Culture University, together with a number of corporations and social organisations in China, have jointly initiated the formation of The Chinese International Education Foundation, a non-governmental foundation that will assume the cooperation and support of Confucius Institutes worldwide.

The Confucius Institute Headquarters together with partners and colleagues from around the globe has successfully incubated a world-renowned language education brand—the Confucius Institutes—and laid the groundwork for a non-governmental way of operating these university programmes with university partners from many countries. The Headquarters and the founding institutions of the new Foundation have agreed to transfer to the Foundation the operation of the brands of Confucius Institute and Confucius Classroom. Once the Foundation is established, the Foundation will contact host and partner universities of Confucius Institutes to begin the transition. Once the transition is substantially complete, the Headquarters will be deregistered. Separately, the Centre for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC) will be established to provide support for other Chinese language education programmes such as assistance with Chinese language majors at applicable colleges and universities, the build-out of Chinese language learning and testing centres, and the conduct of international language education and cooperation programmes.

The Foundation will be a non-governmental international educational charitable organisation registered in China with the support and membership of Chinese universities, corporations, and social organisations. The Foundation will expand and diversify resources, and improve the professional teaching services, to support and serve the Confucius Institutes. With support from the Foundation, university-to-university partnerships will serve as the developmental vehicle for Confucius Institute programmes as run by the partner universities. Chinese universities will provide the teaching, personnel resources and operational funding necessary to ensure that the support for and investment in Confucius Institutes remains undiminished.

Chinese New Year Exhibition Party 2020


Goldsmiths CI started the Chinese New Year period off with a bang on Friday evening, inviting Goldsmiths staff, students, and members of the local community to the department’s exciting Chinese New Year Exhibition Party.

With Goldsmiths’ iconic Great Hall venue closed for refurbishment, this year’s event took on a different form than previous years, focusing on showcasing Chinese arts and culture through the form of an Exhibition Party. Integrating Chinese art and performance art, several dazzling performances took place within an exhibition space.

The party was themed around the Zodiac Rat, accepting exhibition entries in a variety of mediums from local artists. The theme also appeared in the range of interactive stalls, with rat origami, zodiac-themed Chinese calligraphy sessions, blow-painting, and more.

Some of the artists featured in the exhibition included Goldsmiths BA Fine Art and MFA Fine Art graduates as well as South London contemporary artist and painter, Marcus Aitkin, who was recently named Saatchi Arts top 20 emerging artists to watch in 2020.

Photo by Samer Moukarzel

Throughout the evening, the Goldsmiths CI performance team delivered a variety of cutting edge performances, showcasing the diverse range of art forms from China. Among these were traditional folk dance pieces, as well as a contemporary dance piece taking elements from various styles of Asian and International dance. As the event came to an end, the performers invited the audience to participate in an interactive Chinese folk dance, acting as the perfect way to close the evening.

The Exhibition Party was well-received by guests, and kicked off the Chinese New Year festivities at Goldsmiths. For those who missed the evening, Goldsmiths CI offers a range of workshops and events throughout the year, as well as the opportunity to learn some of the dance forms featured in the evening.

Goldsmiths successfully wraps up another Musical Theatre Summer School

Musical Theatre Summer School student practices dancing

The Goldsmiths Musical Theatre Summer School 2019 successfully wrapped up in Edinburgh last month, closing with an exciting final showcase performed as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In its 4th successful year, the Musical Theatre Summer School, convened by Annie Guo, brings musical theatre enthusiasts from around the world to London to undertake a two-week intensive musical theatre training course, taught by leading industry practitioners. These experts guide the students through a ‘triple-threat’ curriculum, focusing on singing, dancing and acting, and both practical performance skills and industry tips and experience. Alongside this, students had the chance to experience the dazzling West End production of Disney’s Aladdin, seeing these triple-threat skills demonstrated live on stage. Alongside special sessions such as a mock audition to provide practical audition skills, the students’ classes in London saw them learn new songs and dance routines, and prepare for a final showcase arranged and rehearsed in only a few days.

The final leg of their summer school, in Edinburgh, culminated in their live showcase as part of Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival. Here, they got to show off their new skills through a medley of solos, duets and group numbers from a broad range of musical theatre productions, as well as dance pieces demonstrating their newly learnt jazz and tap skills. Following their successful final showcase, the students experienced the eclectic and exciting Fringe Festival, having the chance to see the unique improvised musical production Showstopper.

Commenting on the summer school, Annie Guo noted “as with every year, the students’ progress was remarkable. From a group of enthusiasts and some complete beginners, with the guidance of the course tutors, the students managed to deliver a showcase in Edinburgh that demonstrated just how far they had come over the intensive two-week programme.” She also added, “this is the aim of the summer school programme, to provide the students with an intensive triple-threat based curriculum which can give them practical skills in three key musical theatre areas – singing, dancing and acting.”

Goldsmiths 2019 Summer Camp to China comes to a Close

​Goldsmiths Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance oversaw a 14-day summer camp to China in collaboration with Beijing Dancing Academy and Jiangsu University this July. The excursion formed part of the department’s annual programme of study abroad events that supports students of all disciplines in applying for funded placements to study in China.

This year, 11 students from nine different countries were successfully awarded scholarships to participate in the summer camp. The group was made up of Goldsmiths undergraduate students, short course students (Mandarin and martial arts short courses) and members of the local and wider community.

After an 11-hour long-distance flight, the group touched down in Beijing and stepped straight onto the high-speed train towards Jiangsu province, covering another impressive 819 miles in just 4.5 hours.

Participants split their time between the four cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Zhenjiang and Suzhou in China and had the once in a lifetime opportunity to delve deeper into some intriguing aspects of traditional Chinese culture through a series of cultural activities, excursions and tours.

The students were able to try their hands at Chinese language, Chinese painting, Tai Chi, Peking Opera, Chinese classical, ethnic and folk dance and Chinese calligraphy through cultural classes offered by the host universities.

They also had the rare opportunity to take part in bookbinding and art printing workshops hosted by the Chinese National Museum of Classic Books in Beijing and experience first-hand a Red Theatre Kungfu performance.

A night tour of Xijin ferry, a walk down winding old streets along the Yangtze river, a visit to Shanghai’s impressive Bund and Nanjing Road as well as glimpses of Yuyuan garden, Houhai lake, the Forbidden City and the Ming Dynasty Tombs before stopping off at the Great Wall of China made the trip a memorable and eye-opening experience.

The summer camp to China enabled the students to immerse themselves in the cultural heritage, evolution and development of China by experiencing the delights of local Chinese food, architecture, theatre and art.

For more information on next year’s China Summer Camp, visit the Goldsmiths Confucius Institute Scholarship page.

News: UK-China Theatrical Collaboration Activities – The Injustice to Tou O

Lead actor Ding Yiyeng performs in the unique creative piece The Injustice of Tou O.

This October, with the support of the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), Goldsmiths Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance were proud to be part of London Southbank Centre’s annual China Changing Festival.

Goldsmiths CI were delighted to have the opportunity to invite some of the most acclaimed figures from China’s theatre scene to the UK for a series of collaborative theatrical events aiming to give members of the local community in London an insight into Chinese experimental theatre.

The series of events were based around the ancient Chinese play, The Injustice to Tou O, creating a fusion of the original Chinese text, contemporary Western philosophy and movements influenced by Chinese Peking Opera.

The original play tells the story of Tou O, a girl abandoned by her father at a young age and eventually framed for a murder she did not commit. When her father returns after years of abandonment, Tou O believes he will come to her aid. However, hope turns quickly to panic as she realises her father has returned only to condemn her to certain death in his capacity as a judge.

Kicking off on 7 October 2018 with a modern adaptation of the play at the Southbank Centre to the audience of more than 400, the opening performance was followed by an evening of collaborative drama workshops and a final performance at Goldsmiths on 8 October 2018.

As part of the final series of activities, performers from Goldsmiths CI gave music, dance and martial arts demonstrations to give a further insight into Chinese performing arts.

The activities were well-received by participants and members of the audience who actively used the post-production Q & A sessions to express their enthusiasm for the play. The series of events enabled Goldsmiths students and local members of the community to gain an insight into Chinese music and drama whilst exploring wider philosophical reflections on society and the human condition.

Goldsmiths Welcomes in the Year of the Monkey!

Goldsmiths Confucius Institute took over the campus for 3 days of Chinese New Year festivities. Celebrations included demonstrations and performances for students in the Great Hall, a Chinese lion dance and drum parade around campus and all finishing with a main performance in Deptford Town Hall.

Performances were from Goldsmiths CI teachers, students and local community coming together to celebrate this 2016 “Year of the Monkey”

Beauty Beyond Words Performed by Beijing Dance Academy

Beijing Dance Academy performs at Goldsmiths

Members of Beijing Dance Academy’s performing troupe performed the Terracotta Warrior Dance

Goldsmiths Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance welcomed its partner university, Beijing Dance Academy on campus to bring their world famous Chinese Dance Performance and Workshop to Goldsmiths, as part of their UK tour.

Performances included group and solo dance pieces from among the best dancers in China along with traditional music and drums, a unique opportunity to watch Chinese Dance and the Arts live in action.

Beijing Dance Academy is a renowned institution of higher education of dance in China.