Email Communication: 17/03/20

Dear all,

You will have seen a lot of emails flying about and we want to avoid you having to try and figure out what is and isn’t relevant to you in the future. We are setting up an online information point for each cohort/year in Design.

This will be a single point of information from the department that’s specific to your group’s study, although you will still receive emails from the college. Links to these pages are below but please be aware that we haven’t had time to add much info yet; these will be updated regularly – so please keep checking back.

The most important info is a follow up to the college-wide email that went out yesterday. Some of you will already have received clarification from your tutors but we want to ensure that everyone has the same info.

All face-to-face teaching is suspended immediately – you will already have had contact from your tutors about what happens next and there’s info on but you’ll find a summary at the links below.

The ‘Extra Reading Week’ doesn’t apply to Design – staff have already worked on alternative teaching and assessments, so the suspension of teaching this week is unnecessary.

Online teaching provision begins immediately – although College announced it will start on the 23rd March, in Design, it’s already started. Please keep an eye on and emails directly from your tutors.

Term dates remain unchanged – College announced that summer term will start one week early – this does not apply to the Design department. Online support begins now and original term dates apply so Summer Term starts on 27 April.

Our assessments have not been cancelled – College announced that all May examinations have been cancelled – this ONLY applies to ‘sit-down exams’ and is not relevant to Design. We are expecting all assessments to go ahead both this term and next, although there may be some minor date adjustments.

Summer graduation ceremonies postponed – sadly this is the case but we are doing all we can to process your results as close to the original dates as possible. More information will be shared when we can be sure that what we’re telling you is correct. So while the ceremonies will not go ahead as originally planned, those of you who were expecting to graduate this summer should still do so.

Information that’s specific to the department:

  • Labs and Studios – unfortunately, these cannot stay open. The labs closed as of 5pm yesterday, and staff are looking at other ways to support you, and the studios will be unavailable after Friday, so please make arrangements to collect your work and belongings so that you can move your study offsite
  •  Online platforms – we’re chasing clear information about what online platforms we can use for your tutorials, etc. Follow your tutor’s advice for now and if that needs to be amended we’ll let you know ASAP via your cohort link. If you have any trouble accessing learning, let us know via the link at the bottom of the list
  • Staying in touch – please see the links below for general and cohort updates but don’t forget that you can contact tutors directly or through You can also contact the department via We will be monitoring that email inbox during the usual working hours (9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday)

And don’t forget to make sure we’ve got your contact info by using this form:

Please find the information link for your cohort below:

As mentioned above, these are still being developed so we’d appreciate your patience while we get them up to date. If you can’t find the information you need after midday tomorrow then please use this link to ask questions. If the question is relevant to other students then we’ll add it to the information pages; if the question is specific to you then we’ll get in touch as soon as we can (Additional questions and concerns form).

Last but not least, please take care of yourself. We’ll do all we can to help and we look forward to the point at which these restrictions are lifted, when we can all see one another again in person.

The very best to you all.

Emma (on behalf of the Department of Design)

Emma Blundell
Department Manager
Department of Design
Lewisham Way
London SE14 6NW

Design Office  +44(0)20 7919 7777
108 Lockwood Building