MA Design Expanded Practice

Assessments are being adjusted and adapted to suit the needs posed by distance-learning. 

Format:  All practice and written work to be converted to digital formats (as per individual project outlines/guidance) submitted through links on project (VLE).

IMPORTANT: If you have an Adjusted Deadline agreed with your tutors please upload your work using the same submission links on the VLE at the date/time you have agreed.

Design Transfocality – Project 1

Summative Assessment Deadline: Friday 27th March 4pm

Format: Submission to the VLE links in each project.

Feedback: Due to a number of students with adjusted deadlines we will aim to get feedback sheets and marks to you in the week beginning 27th April

Extended Study – Proposal

Formative Assessment Deadline: Monday 27th April 9.30am

Format: Submission to the VLE link on Extended Study page

Extended Study – Reflective Document/Presentation

Summative Assessment Deadline: TBC 23 September 2020 – 25 September 2020 (final week of Term 4)

Design Transfocality – Project 2

Summative Assessment Deadline: TBC (w/c 6 July 2020)

Studio Expanded Practice – Expanded Publication / Expanded Project 

Summative Assessment Deadline: TBC (End of Term 5)

DS71107A Extended Study

Format: TBC
Deadline: TBC 

If you need any support around assessment submissions, you can contact

These include technical difficulties, support around extenuating circumstances or wellbeing concerns. A member of the admin team will respond to your email as soon as possible to offer support. Please bear in mind that we are most able to support you if you contact us before the deadline, or as soon after it as you can manage

If you have any difficulties with your submission and need to discuss Extenuating Circumstances with a Senior Tutor please see the Pastoral Care page for more information.