PARPA assessment  

Part 1: 3500 word written assignment (80%)

Part 1 plus teacher notes, pupil materials and lesson plan from the handling collection to be added as an appendix. All uploaded to (80%).

Upload via (VLE)

Deadline: 4pm 22 April 2020

Part 2: Presentation (20%)

Presentation of handling collection images of objects and container .

Presentation to be expanded to include detailed images of objects and container with either audio or written commentary explaining: The context of the lesson; How the collection was used; The impact of using objects on D&T  learning. Presentation to be uploaded to  

The teachers notes, pupil materials and lesson plan to be submitted on line with the written assignment as appendix 1, appendix 2 and appendix 3. 

Upload via (VLE)

Deadline: 10am 20 April 2020


Self-assessment by student and assessment by school mentor against QTS teaching standards, moderated by subject tutor during phone tutorials.

Upload via (VLE)

Deadline: 3 April 2020


Assessment to be notified when information is received from the DfE. Ongoing subject tutor phone tutorials.

If you need any support around assessment submissions, you can contact

These include technical difficulties, support around extenuating circumstances or wellbeing concerns. A member of the admin team will respond to your email as soon as possible to offer support. Please bear in mind that we are most able to support you if you contact us before the deadline, or as soon after it as you can manage

If you have any difficulties with your submission and need to discuss Extenuating Circumstances with a Senior Tutor please see the Pastoral Care page for more information.