PGCE Design and Technology


Programme Leads

School Placements

As of Friday 19th March 2020, all schools in the UK will close. As a result, all official school placements for both providerled, and school direct training route students will be terminated.  Your Tutors are working to develop a range of online materials to allow the students to develop their understanding away from school and will have this available for students for after the Easter break. 

School Direct Salaried students

As staff members are not on placement you should, therefore, be directed by the school as to how you should proceed. 

School Direct Training Route and Provider Led Students

After Friday, if you wish to help with any ongoing online/ remote teaching in school both the Education and Design department would support that but please do not feel that this is in any way compulsory for you or them.  

Volunteering at schools (School Direct Training Route and PL Students)

The decision to volunteer with schools to help out at this time is up to you and the school you are working with. This decision sits outside of the remit of the PGCE programme and due to the current situation, the Educational department cannot offer support for any issues that may arise as a result of this. It is also important to remind you that whilst this is an admirable commitment and one which the college supports, as a student, you will still have assignments over the Easter break, which will need to have time dedicated to them.