Email communication – 01/02/21

Please note that there has been an update to the MA studio spaces. The rooms now available in the Lockwood Studios are 301, 303 and 304, with 4 spaces in each room (12 in total).

A message from Mike Waller, Head of Department.

Hi All,

As you are aware, we have been working on organising for some access to study spaces within our department. Whilst it makes sense to work from home if possible, we recognise that some of you need access to these spaces, and are either in halls or nearby. ​If you have study space at home, we would strongly advise you to stay at home and avoid the campus if possible. If you are at your non-term-time home address, you should stay there if possible and not travel. 


The government advice is

“Whilst travelling for education remains an exception to the ‘Stay at Home’ guidance, the government has made it clear that travel to university campuses must be minimised and only those with a critical need should access the campus.”  


We strongly discourage you from using public transport to get to campus, as the risks of transmission remain extremely high, and we want to keep you safe and minimise the risks for everyone. 


Please note the Labs are currently closed

This information is for our studio space access only, and our Fabrication Labs currently remain closed. You can contact the Labs team at, which is also the point of contact to access the Essential Fabrication service (info already sent out on labs VLE page on Please note you shouldn’t go to the Labs in person to make enquiries.


The following information should give you guidance on how to access the studios. 

 To minimise potential exposure to the virus, we have restricted the number of people in each studio/room at any one time, the total time the studios can be used has been simplified into two four-hour sessions per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We request that you only come into the studio for one allotted session, which is a max of 4 hours in the studio on any one day.  This access can only be organised through our booking system.  


If there are any issues when you are in the studio please call the Department of Design through a special Teams channel that we will give you details of when you are booking a studio space.  We will have a member of staff available in their office and others online to help sort out any issues, but it is important that you keep a safe social distance at all times, and strictly no social gatherings in the studios.  Our studio access Teams channel will be the point of contact, where we can assist you with your particular issue. 


COVID testing 

From Monday 25 January, students and staff who have a critical need to visit campus must take two LFD (Lateral Flow) tests per week, every week they are on campus, until Friday 12 February.  


However, as you’ll be aware, the situation can shift rapidly so please keep an eye out for any College or Department emails re Covid, use this link for keeping up to date with College guidance  and this link for Department updates


Booking a Test 

To book a test at college please follow this link: 


When you have completed your tests complete the booking form:


Keeping Safe Rules 

It is important that if you are going to access the studio study spaces that you follow the guidance below. 


You are advised to do the following when on site: 

·         Face coverings are now mandatory rather than advisory. Proof of exemption is required, and, in the case of exemption, a visor should be worn instead.

·         Frequently wash/sanitize hands 

·         Open windows (where possible) to ventilate rooms. 

·         Maintain two-meter distance from others. 

·         Sit in an allocated desk/workspace. 

·         Follow one-way system around the building 

·         Wipe down desk/workspace before and after use. 


Studio spaces and max numbers for each time slot  

There will be a set number of students per studio (and room). This is currently standing at a maximum of ten students in each year group’s studios at any one time, with a maximum of twenty students accessing the year group spaces across the whole day. 


You can only book the space for one slot per day (each slot is 4 hours, in the morning or afternoon). You can book multiple slots per week.  There will be a one-hour gap at 1pm to 2pm, in which students are required to vacate the room to allow it to be ventilated in time for the next slot. 


Each usable desk or workspace will be marked with A4 printout stuck on the desk, to ensure that social distancing is maintained. You will be asked to use one of these marked desks during your booked period. 


The slots available to book Monday to Friday: 

9:00am- 13:00pm (4 hours) 

14:00pm – 18:00pm (4 hours) 

The spaces must be empty between 13:00pm and 14:00pm to ventilate.  


The studio study spaces available are as follows: (Note we are not using Deptford Studio at the moment) 

BA Year 1 Hut F: 

Downstairs studio 1, max number at one time slot is 3 

Downstairs studio 2, max number at one time slot is 3 

Upstairs Studio 3, max number at one time slot is 3 

Upstairs Studio 4, max number at one time slot is 3 


BA Year 2 Lockwood Studio: 

Downstairs studio, max number at one time slot is 6 

Upstairs Studio, max number at one time slot is 6 


BA Year 3 Lockwood Studio:  

Downstairs studio, max number at one time slot is 6 

Upstairs Studio, max number at one time slot is 6 


MA Lockwood Studio 301, 303 and 304: 

301, max number at one time slot is 4 

303, max number at one time slot is 4 

304, max number at one time slot is 4


IFC Lockwood 305

305, max number at one time slot is 2 


Professor Mike Waller