Email Communication: 07/05/20

Dear BA Design students,

Following on from the emails you have received regarding changes to Academic Regulations, this is to make you aware of a specific aspect of the adjustments that does not apply to BA Design.

An overview of the changes has already been sent to you, and can be accessed on the website.

The exemption for BA Design students relates to this section (italics are the Department’s additions to the information on the College website):

Progressing to the second year of study (or second year students progressing to the third year of study)

The College’s current regulations require first year students to have successfully passed 90 out of 120 credits of their programme in order to progress to the second year of study. The same requirement applies to second year students progressing to the third year.

The Exceptional Academic Regulations will allow students, wherever possible, to progress to the next level of study passing fewer credits – students will need to pass 60 credits to progress.

This would allow students to progress to the next year of study, and for assessments on failed/incomplete modules to be taken at a later date and for a student to receive a mark for all modules.

There are some programmes where this is not possible (for example, those with external accreditation or those with a high practice element) and students on those programmes will be informed where this is the case for them.

The following BA Design modules will not be included in the amended 60 credit trail regulation:

DS51013A (Level 1 Studio Practice)
DS52013A (Level 2 Studio Practice)

This means that students will not be able to progress to the next level of study, without passing Studio Practice, even if all other modules have been completed successfully.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact for clarification.

We hope that you are all keeping well


Emma Blundell
Department Manager
Department of Design