Email Communication: 17/04/20

Dear BA & MA Design students,

Following on from the latest College email regarding changes to assessment regulations, entitled Update on changes to teaching, learning and assessment arrangements this is to let you know that there are a few aspects that do not apply to our programmes.

The email stated:

  • Detailed information regarding your programme will be communicated to you by your academic department.
  • Further detailed information regarding some programmes will be forthcoming.
  • Some changes apply to all students regardless of what programme they are studying, other changes are specific to the level of study or type of programme.
  • Whilst the College has agreed these measures there are some programmes to which the following exceptional regulations might not apply. These will relate to programmes that are externally accredited, programmes that have a high practice element and programmes that include a placement. Where the changes outlined below cannot be applied in full, the College will notify students enrolled on those programmes with further information.

We are writing to confirm that some of these changes will not apply to BA Design or MA Design Expanded Practice, due to the existing structure of the programmes. We will be writing to you very soon with more detail about which changes won’t apply.

Information has already been shared about changes to some of the timings of the BA Design assessments, and there are discussions taking place around possible changes to the MA. We’ll continue to keep you updated with any amendments as soon as anything is finalised.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please check the Design information hub and keep an eye out for emails from you tutors.

I hope you are all keeping well.


Emma Blundell
Department Manager
Department of Design