Email communication – 23/04/21

Dear Design Students,

We hope you are all well and looking forward to starting a new term in Design. In preparation to start, we have put together some useful information for you about how we are operating and carefully proceeding during this stage of the pandemic, and we ask you to all help us in keeping everyone safe.

Our studio spaces and Labs are open for the new term and continue to operate under social distancing guidelines.  Seating in the studios has been arranged to allow you to sit apart, and we ask that you please clean down desks before and after you have used them. You no longer need to sign-up to book a time slot for your studios. The Labs are currently open and operating on a restricted, open-access basis. There are strict physical distancing measures, protocols and procedures in place to keep everyone safe. Consequently, the number of people who can safely operate within the Labs is necessarily lower than normal and the extent of activities limited. For the Labs latest guidance please look at their VLE page:

Design Fabrication Labs:

We are operating in ‘Amber’ conditions as we did last December. This means whilst the studios and Lab spaces are open for study, any lectures and group teaching, studio projects and tutorials will mostly remain online. Again, this may vary from module to module, and more details will be given by your Module, Studio Tutors or Year Leads. If you are intending to stay away from college, or can’t return because of international travel restrictions, or other reason, please let our design office know, so we can best support your studies online.

Your tutors will organise you into student groups for access to the studio spaces, in order to maintain social distancing. The aim is to have as much access as we can safely manage, but it may mean that you are in the studios on particular days of the week, whilst others are in on different days. This grouping will depend on the size of your cohort, to allow us to manage social distancing. You should be receiving this information from your Programme Tutors. If you are unsure, please make contact with your Studio Tutors or Year Leads.

We all need to take regular ‘Lateral Flow’ tests for COVID.  The guidelines are that you should be taking two tests every week, unless you have tested positive in the last 90 days, in which case the tests are not effective. You can book a test at Goldsmiths through the link below. The tests are done in the Great Hall. Testing is now taking place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and Fridays. Even if you have had a vaccine, you still need to be tested twice a week. We are not asking for evidence that you have taken your tests, but rely on you to make sure you are tested, and thereby keep your friends and colleagues safe.

To book a test follow this link

You can also search for test centres locally, as this may be more convenient for you. Here is the link,

It is also possible to order home test kits online, which are a good way of getting regular testing done at home.

We are asking all of our staff and students to wear a face covering in learning spaces i.e. studios, workshops, the Library, and corridors. There are exceptions.  If you cannot wear a face covering due to a disability or long-term condition, you can use face shields as an alternative. When you are onsite, we ask you to also frequently wash your hands, open windows where possible to ventilate the studios or rooms, maintain a 2-metre distance from others, follow the one-way system set out with signage, and wipe-down workspaces before and after use.


Additional Information & Support

If you are having difficulties, please let your tutors know and we can direct you to the most suitable support. Also the following link has a range of support services that you can access if needed.

We have our design updates page here for the latest information

And the Goldsmiths Covid information page with the latest college information

We also know that our BAME students are particularly affected by COVID, as it has a disproportionate effect on these communities, and the virus has reinforced structural inequalities. If you need support, please make contact with your tutors who can direct you to further support. Also look at

Our community is also affected by sexual violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence, stalking and sexual misconduct. We have a report and support service available for students and staff which can be reported here

Kind regards,

Professor Mike Waller