Transcript and results

Transcripts can be quite complex. Hopefully, this advice will help you understand your transcript and results. Please contact us if you need any further guidance.


Pass mark 

You need a mark of 40 or above to pass.


How to find which assignments you will need to submit in summer 

You may not be required to submit all assignments within a module.

Look at your results on your My Goldsmiths profile. You will need to re-sit any assignment of a failed module that either shows a mark of less than 40 or shows as ABS (absent).

You will also need to submit any assignment for which you have an ABM for a Deferred Assessment. (For more on Deferred Assessments see the section below).


Failed coursework when the overall module mark is a 40 or above 

For most modules, you only need to re-sit the failed assignment if it has resulted in an overall fail.

You would not have to re-sit the failed assignment unless your transcript has an ‘F’ or an ‘ABS’ on it.


‘F’ on a transcript 

For some modules, you have to pass all assignments in order to get a pass mark.

If it says ‘F’ on your results, then you have failed one or more of the assignments and will need to re-sit the failed assignment(s).


ABS on a transcript 

This means you were absent from the viva exam or didn’t hand in the coursework in time.

If your mark was 1- 9 for an assignment then your mark will show as ABS, which means absent. This is because only marks of 10 or higher count as a valid attempt.


Number of attempts at passing a module 

You are allowed three attempts to pass your module.

If you fail then you have used up one attempt. If you fail to submit a re-sit assignment, then you have used up one of your attempts. This does not apply when you have a Deferred Assessment (see below).

It is important to note that ‘attempts’ include re-sits you have been entered for but do not submit the work for – this is why it is really important you submit your summer re-sits.


ABM on transcript — Extenuating Circumstances and Deferred Assessments  

If you had Extenuating Circumstances on your first (in term) attempt at an assignment and your Senior Tutor accepted your application for an Adjusted Deadline and you did not submit, then you may have lost an attempt.

If you had Extenuating Circumstances for a Deferred Assessment, then you will not lose your first attempt.  Your summer attempt is referred to as a Deferred Assessment and will not have its mark capped. You can see that this is the case if your result on your transcript is listed as ABM (absent with mitigation).

If your extenuating circumstances were not accepted and you did not submit, you will have been entered as ABS and your re-sit will count as an attempt and your mark will be capped.


Re-sit mark capping 

Normally, if students have failed an assignment or been absent/not submitted and do not have valid extenuating circumstances, their mark will have a cap or penalty applied if they pass the re-sit. Under current regulations, these students will receive the pass mark (40%) for the assignment.

Due to Covid-19, the regulations have been adjusted to allow for students who were recorded as ABS after 16th March 2020 to submit their assignment without a cap or penalty. This will be recorded on your transcript as ABS with mitigation, which means that you are able to receive a mark higher than 40% as you will not be capped.


Covid-19 impact on assessments  

If you had an assessment following 16 March 2020 and either failed or did not submit (ABS), then you will be able to retake the assessment without penalty.


Academic Performance Consideration 

This has become an option to request when applying for Extenuating Circumstances. For undergraduate Design students, Academic Performance Consideration usually only applies to third year students and only for the Studio module. We require two years of previous marks to compare your mark with, in order to review the performance.

Academic Performance Consideration is done will all third-year students regardless if you have applied or not.