Learn.gold communication – 18/03/21

Dear Students,

Please read the following information carefully and do not reply to this post!!

The institution has now confirmed remote learning as an option for students during the Summer Term which is between 26 April 2021 to 18 June 2021 and for MA Design Expanded Practice students 26 April – 9 July 2021.

The process to request remote learning is now open for any student who believes they will need to study remotely next term.

Already studying remotely?

If you have already been studying remotely, you will shortly receive an email asking you to confirm whether you wish to continue with remote study or if you wish to study on campus next term.

All students who previously studied remotely would have received a letter from the Design Office confirming their request was authorised. If you have not received a letter, this means you have not requested through the proper channels, therefore, the Design Office was not informed and your request was not authorised.

New requests to study remotely?

If you have not previously requested remote study, the criteria and more information can be found here. You will need to email both your Year/Programme Lead (indicated below), as well as design@gold.ac.uk with your request and the reason for it. Your Year/Programme Lead will either ask to speak with you first or confirm by replying to the email. MADEP students, please note that we will reply with a link to a form you need to complete in order to process your request.

BA Year 1    Stuart Bannocks   s.bannocks@gold.ac.uk

BA Year 2    Corinne Quin       c.quin@gold.ac.uk

BA Year 3    Nick Mortimer      N.Mortimer@gold.ac.uk

Dash Macdonald   D.MacDonald@gold.ac.uk 

MADEP        Duncan FairFax      d.fairfax@gold.ac.uk

PGCE            Alan Bright             A.Bright@gold.ac.uk

GDD & IFC   Edd Bagenal           e.bagenal@gold.ac.uk

Please ensure that you have either emailed your Year/Programme Lead and design@gold.ac.uk (if you were not previously studying remotely) or replied to the email from the Design Office (if you are currently studying remotely) by 9th April 2021.

Requests must be received by 9th April 2021 to allow staff to plan how your studies will be delivered in the Summer Term and ensure you have the appropriate support.

The campus is expected to be open next term, along with access to the fabrication and computing labs, and your studios in a Covid secure setting. If you have any concerns, please see Goldsmiths Covid Secure information here or contact us on design@gold.ac.uk.

Kind Regards,

Design Office