Learn.gold communication – 24/03/21

Union Action ASOS (Action Short of a Strike) and Assessments in Design

Hi all Design students, 

Firstly we hope you are all well.

As I am sure many of you are aware of the current University and College Union’s dispute, but if not, we have something called ASOS, which stands for Action short of a Strike. This is intended as action in relationship to several ongoing disputes being discussed with Goldsmiths leadership. 

As part of this ASOS action, members of the UCU are undertaking an assessment boycott and are not completing marking and feedback until after the period of the action, which finishes on  4 June. Whilst the action is intended to be disruptive, we want to minimise the negative effects on your studies and are currently working through some ways to make sure your learning is fully supported. A small number of the modules you will be taking are affected by this action, but where they are, we will be contacting you to let you know how it specifically affects your work. Also, you may find that affected modules will use a feedforward approach, where your tutors will give particular guidance on your continued learning in direct response to your work, so that you don’t miss out on advice. Again, it is worth clarifying that not all modules are affected by this action and not all staff are part of this action.

For those affected by the assessment boycott it does not mean that you will not receive marking for the work you do, but rather that there will be a delay. You will be given your grades once the action is over. Also, the assessment boycott does not mean that you will not receive support and guidance from your lecturers who are part of the GUCU action, who remain committed to your learning, to your growth and to your wellbeing.

If you are unsure of anything please speak to your tutors.

With kind regards, 

Prof. Mike Waller, Head of Department