Here is a selection of our recent work. New publications and blogs arising from current research are added as they become available.


• Our report ‘Archives of Violence: Case Studies from South America’ on the three archives is now published. It considers the challenges and the solutions for the three archives of the project. It is available in digital format via Goldsmiths research on-line (if you would like a hard copy please email us) here

Reference: Bell, VikkiBernasconi, OrianaHernández-García, Jaime and Sosa, Cecilia. 2021. Archives of Violence: Case Studies from South America (2021). Project Report. Goldsmiths, University of London, London. ISBN Print: 978-1-913380-28-1  ISBN PDF: 978-1-913380-29-8

• The report in its Spanish version ‘Archivos de Violencia: Estudios de casos en América Latina’ is now available here

Reference: Bell, VikkiBernasconi, OrianaHernández-García, Jaime and Sosa, Cecilia. 2021. Archivos de Violencia: Estudios de casos en América Latina. Project Report. Goldsmiths, University of London, London. ISBN PDF: 978-1-913380-30-4

• Vikki Bell and colleagues from Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago, Chile, Universidad Iberoamericana de Ciudad de México, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá have published a report ‘Orientaciones y Recomendaciones para el Registro y Documentación de Desapariciones Forzadas’ (Orientiations and Recommendations for the Registration and Documentation of Forced Disappearance) 2021.

The report and a promotional video about it can be found in Spanish and in English here:, The report is an output from the Newton fund project on forced disappearance in Chile, Mexico and Colombia.


• Oriana Bernasconi has summarised our findings in an article for the journal Archivamos Revista Trimestral de Actualidad de Archivos y Documentos | 03/2022

Reference: Bernasconi, Oriana (2022) ‘Archivos de la violencia: Orígenes, usos y lecciones en Sudamérica’ Archivamos Revista Trimestral de Actualidad de Archivos y Documentos, 03/2022, pp4-11

• Vikki Bell’s article on the artwork of Colombian artist Erika Diettes is available here

Reference: Bell, Vikki (2020) The Sigh of Sorrow and the Force of Art: On the work of Erika Diettes, Wasafiri, 35:4 DOI:

• Vikki Bell’s article on the work of the Vicaría de la solidaridad has been published in Theory, Culture & Society and is available Open Access here

Reference: ‘Documenting Dictatorship: Writing and Resistance in Chile’s Vicaría de la Solidaridad’ Theory, Culture & Society (2020) available here

• Vikki Bell’s article about her visit to and interviews with survivors of Chacabuco, the remote former mine in Chile’s Atacama desert that was used by the Pinochet regime as a detention centre can be found here

Reference: Bell, Vikki (2018) Entwined Tellings and the Fragility of the Unique, Third Text, 32:1, 125-149, DOI: 10.1080/09528822.2018.1459111

• Vikki Bell’s article on the different sites at which truths about Argentina’s dictatorial past are constituted is available here (for published version) or here (unformatted version)

Reference: Bell, V and M Di Paolantonio (2018) Presenting the (Dictatorial) Past in Contemporary Argentina: Truth Forums and Arts of Dramatization, Social & Legal Studies, 27:5, 572-595, DOI: 10.1177/0964663917722597

• In an article available through the journal’s website in International Journal of Transitional Justice, Oriana Bernasconi and her colleagues Elizabeth Lira and Marcela Ruiz discuss forms of registering state violence in Chile as ‘political technologies’.

Reference: Bernasconi, O, Lira, E and M Ruiz (2019) ‘Political Technologies of Memory: Uses and Appropriations of Artifacts of Registration and Denunciation of State Violence’  International Journal of Transitional Justice 13(1): 7-29

• A further article by Oriana Bernasconi and Marcela Ruiz analysing the categories deployed in human rights reports was published in the journal ‘Discourse & Society’ available through the journal website here

Reference: Ruiz, M and O Bernasconi (2019) ‘Human Rights Reports: Categorisation, Classification and Denunciation of Human Rights Violations’ Discourse & Society 50

• A chapter by Jaime Hernandez-García and his colleague will be published in the Routledge Handbook to Latin America and the Caribbean

Reference: Hernandez-Garcia, Jaime and Isaac Salgado Ramirez (2021) ‘Conflict, Violence and Inequality in Latin American Cities’ in The Routledge Handbook of Urban Studies in Latin America and the Caribbean New York: Routledge

• Cecilia Sosa and her colleague Philippa Page has published an article in the on-line journal Mezosfera available here reflecting on how affiliations are formed through performance in Argentina.

Reference: ‘Performing Future Affiliations in Argentine Spaces of Memory’, Mezosfera 7, (2019)

• Cecilia Sosa and Philippa Page also published an article reflecting on their experiences of making a documentary about ‘post-dictatorship’ Argentina available here

Reference: Sosa, C and P Page (2019) ‘Diary of a documentary in the making: filming the local imaginaries of post-dictatorship Argentina’ Comunicación y Medios, (39), 186-197

• Cecilia Sosa has written an article about Albertina Carri’s 2018 film, tackling issues of desire, mourning and politics.

Reference: Sosa, Ceci (2021) ‘Mourning, Activism and Queer Desires: Ni una Menos and Las hijas del fuego’ (Albertina Carri, 2018). Latin American Perspectives, Issue 237, 48.2, 137–154 (2021).


• Vikki Bell’s blog post following our first research visit to Colombia – written for the Centre for Urban and Community research (CUCR) at Goldsmiths – can be found here

• Vikki Bell’s account of our interview with Gonzalo Sánchez Gómez is available here


• Oriana Bernasconi was interviewed on Chilean radio station in September 2018 explaining why and how she views the work and archive of the Vicaría de la solidaridad as a form of resistance to the Pinochet dictatorship. The video of the interview is available here