The feminist call and the crying perpetrator: New encounters at ESMA Memory Museum

Cecilia Sosa talks about how ESMA Memory Museum became a new space of encounter for different audiences and generations. In particular, she addresses two visits that took place in the Museum in 2019. The first one was in the context of the exhibition ‘To Be Women at ESMA’, which portrays the experiences of different women being held captive in the building during the dictatorship through the lens of the contemporary feminist movement. The second was ‘The Impossible Scene’, a performative installation designed by Polish theatre director Wojtek Ziemilski as part of the ‘Staging Difficult Pasts’ project. Within the performance, which was designed for Rubén Charmorro’s rooms (who was the head of ESMA’s military school during the dictatorship), the local actor and theatre director, Rubén Szuchmacher performs and calls into question the figure of a fictional perpetrator who attempts to cry and asks for forgiveness.

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