Alumni and friends support students in crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic

In December 2020, Goldsmiths launched its first Student Support Appeal. There was an incredible response with over 200 alumni, staff and friends donating more than £26,000. This included a donation of £12,571 from the Royal China Group.

To add to this support for our students, nearly 400 alumni and friends who give monthly by direct debit, contributed an amazing £48,000.

Thanks to this generosity, £74,000 of donations to the Student Support Appeal together with the regular giving donations, were used by Goldsmiths to set up the time-limited Alumni and Friends Covid-19 Hardship Fund in March 2021.

Students received urgently needed financial support to help with housing costs to prevent homelessness, groceries, utility bills or broadband costs, or buying a laptop to be able to study at home. Grants were awarded to 94 students with an average grant of £765.

“The Alumni Hardship Fund has been a real help when I was struggling to cope with studying because my laptop had broken, and I couldn’t afford to buy another one. They were able to support me by giving me money to replace it and now I can complete this academic year and do my assignments and exams. I honestly don’t think I could have made it through if it wasn’t for this grant. Really helpful, an answered prayer and a life saver! Thank you so much!”


“The fund really helped me get into a secure place financially and relieved some stress from my shoulders. Given my circumstances, I was willing to drop out of uni because financially it was becoming a burden and my concentration for my studies was dwindling. It has been a hard time for students mentally and emotionally, but this fund granted me the ability to pay my rent and some debts I had racked up over the pandemic.”

Students who received grants from the Alumni and Friends Covid-19 Hardship Fund in March 2021

Thank you to all the alumni, staff and friends who made this fund possible.