Update on the Annual Fund


You may have recently received a phone call from one of our current students to talk about your time at Goldsmiths, to find out what you are up to now and to discuss the possibility of you donating to the Annual Fund. If you did and you donated, thank you very much!

This year’s campaign involved 29 students, working in shifts of 15 to call our alumni every evening over the course of three weeks. The campaign raised £105,000 in gift and pledges for the Annual Fund, which is the highest total to date.

The Annual Fund makes a huge difference to the lives of students. Every penny of the funds raised goes to projects that benefit them, whether that is providing much-needed help for students facing financial hardship to continue with their studies or providing funds for them to engage in extra-curricular activities. The experience of speaking with Goldsmiths’ alumni is as, if not more valuable than the fundraising element of the phone campaign as it enables the students to develop skills and confidence that traditional academia is unable to offer.

Thank you to all of our supporters.