Being the Story


sounddelivery presents Being the Story, a one-day event celebrating the power of thought-provoking storytelling. The event held on Friday, 16 September 2016 at Conway Hall, London features the stories of 10 inspirational individuals that will spark conversations, challenge perceptions and provoke ideas.

The line up of speakers includes a social entrepreneur, filmmaker, blogger, campaigner and photojournalist – people with lived experience of everything from poverty to war. They’ll consider what Being the Story means through talks, digital content and performance.

“Storytelling” has become something of a buzzword. This event will help charity staff, funders and people with extraordinary lives, to share their stories authentically, powerfully and differently.

For every Being the Story ticket sold, sounddelivery will donate £5 to the Jay Merriman Mukoro Bursary Fund, a fund set up in the name of alumnus Jay Merriman Mukoro.


Jay Merriman Mukoro (MA Radio, 2004) was a gifted radio documentary maker and filmmaker who died tragically at 43. He started his radio career at Goldsmiths, before joining the BBC where he made radio documentaries. He worked on some of the most important current affairs programmes and documentaries on British television over the last 10 years. These include Mixed Britannia and the BAFTA award-winning series History of Modern Britain.

In 2014 Jay began teaching at Goldsmiths. He was very excited about sparking the same passion in others that had been ignited in him while at the university. To celebrate Jay’s life and his many talents, a fund was set up in his name.

Perhaps the most career-defining moment for Jay was being awarded the Goldsmiths MA Radio bursary 10 years ago. It launched him into a world of storytelling, journalism and documentary making. Without it, his future would have been very different. The fund supports a one-year bursary awarded to a promising student experiencing financial hardship and who otherwise would not be able to do the course.

Find out more about Jay’s life, work and legacy.