Guest Post: Beings Magazine

Beings magazine – The human side of travel

Guest post by Gavin Williams (BA English and Modern Literature, 2011)

Beings is a new independent print publication about travel, focussing on the people we meet in new places – made by me, a former Goldsmiths student.

I studied English and Modern Literature, graduating in 2011. I enjoyed pretending to be a writer, in between making furtive trips to get blue bags full of beers from the off license and doing shifts at the SU shop.

Since graduating I’ve created digital content – words and videos – for different organisations, mostly charities.

Then I packed it in and went travelling.

Travel really broadens your mind. But it’s about more than ticking sites off a list or following a guidebook. The truly unique and enriching experiences often come through the local people you meet. People give you an insight into a place which you couldn’t get otherwise.

Cholitas in Bolivia, salarymen in Japan, children in Cambodia. Chefs in India and liars in Cuba. The weird and the wonderful, the funny and the sad. Were all so different. Yet we often share a connection.

That’s why I decided to make a print magazine about this. About people in far-away places.

Beings magazine is a collection of stories, photos and illustrations which explore this theme. The real-life people in the publication are funny, serious, heartwarming and heartbreaking. And from all over the world.

In the age of Brexit and travel bans, this is a celebration of cultural difference. Going to different places helps us meet people who aren’t like us. And that’s a good thing.

Why print?

These are well-written stories from different people who have made a connection with someone from across the world. These are beautiful photos and illustrations that capture the excitement of discovering a new place with the help of a local.

They deserve to be more than content for just another travel blog. They deserve to be more than just something else we scroll past on our social feeds.

And our readers – people who love travelling and reading new stories – deserve to hold something physical in their hands which they can enjoy, free from distraction.

Engaging stories, beautiful illustration and eye-catching photography (like the photo below) brought together through great design. That’s how Beings will tell the human side of travel.

Nepalese Woman.jpg
Photo from Nepal Travels

Crowdfunding now

The crowdfunding campaign will help fund the printing and distribution of the magazine. We’re also hoping to raise as much money as possible to make this a longer-term project, with more issues in the future.

This will run throughout November 2017.

You can pre-order Beings magazine for £7. We also have some great incentives for those who want to pledge a bit more, including a selection of beautiful prints and an exclusive invitation to a Beings travel-themed supper club.

Enjoy holding something beautiful that celebrates cultural difference around the world.

Go to our website to find out more or follow us on Instagram.