Guest Post: Wysing Arts Centre

Jesc Bunyard to present at Wysing Arts Centre annual festival

It’s been almost two years since I finished my BA in Fine Art and History of Art at Goldsmiths. In that time my practice has had quite a number of developments, including being selected for last year’s Bloomberg New Contemporaries.

2015 has also heralded some good news, including my return to Goldsmiths to complete an MA. I am currently the only UK finalist for this year’s Digital Graffiti in Florida. The festival overtakes the town of Alys Beach projecting on buildings to create a large-scale immersive experience of digital film, and I will be showing two works, one of which will disrupt the soothing experience and place the viewer in a perceptually challenging experience.

I will be presenting film works at this year’s annual music and arts festival at Wysing Arts Centre. Established in 1989, Wysing Arts Centre aims to provide alternative environments and structures for artistic research, experimentation, discovery and production.

Space-Time: the Multiverse is Wysing’s sixth annual festival of art and music and is loosely curated around the themes of altered states and multiple identities. The event takes place on 5 September from noon until midnight, during which some of my works will be shown alongside some of the musical acts merging the two sides of the festival together. It will also place my works as a visual accompaniment to live sounds something, which I have wanted to develop for a while.

Tickets on sale now.


Guest post by Jesc Bunyard (BA Fine Art and History of Art, 2013). Jesc is developing a number of interventions, performances and sculpture ideas which she hopes to complete and realise soon. Her work explores the interactions between the spectator, stimuli, environments and systems of viewing. She often uses interventions, performances, photograms, digital films and installations.