Guest Post: Clap Hands

Clap Hands opens in July I watched a lot of Columbo at Goldsmiths. Not as part of my degree. It was my own extra-curricular activity. Preferable to watching bad cover bands at The Venue on New Cross Road. This was back in the heady days when DVDs were ubiquitous: 2003 – 2006. I must have… Read more Guest Post: Clap Hands

Guest Post by Vicki Psarias

My Time at Goldsmiths Vicki Psarias contributes this guest post about her time at Goldsmiths and what she’s been up to now (A LOT!). I studied a BA in Media and Communications for my first degree and an MA in TV Drama, where I wrote and directed a short film Rifts about warring kebab shop owners… Read more Guest Post by Vicki Psarias

Annual Fund 2015

Following this year’s successful phone campaign, the Annual Fund Panel met on 26 June to review applications to the fund and decided which projects to support. Of the 26 applications this year, nearly all were supported, while those that did not fit the Annual Fund criteria were encouraged to seek funding from other sources. A total… Read more Annual Fund 2015

Guest Post: The Burning Bridge

The Burning Bride Manoj Kerai contributes this guest post about his time at Goldsmiths and his book The Burning Bride. I’m Manoj Kerai and I was at Goldsmiths from 2006 to 2012. I came to Goldsmiths through clearing with the intention of only staying for one year before transferring to another university. I didn’t know Goldsmiths would change… Read more Guest Post: The Burning Bridge

Guest Post: Call and Response

Call and Response Brighton’s stony shore saw us collect at music college, a roomful of ripped jeans reflected in the tall walls of an old dance studio, nervous silence accompanied by tinny noodling on unamplified electric guitars. Of all the exercises we learnt to enjoy, Call and Response was a favourite: one led improvising through… Read more Guest Post: Call and Response