Calling all Visual Cultures alumni

“How can Visual Cultures celebrate the curatorial and artistic work of its alumni?” is a question Head of Department Gavin Butt has been asking himself recently. All over the world alumni from the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths are enjoying successful and interesting careers in the art world, with many working at the frontiers of contemporary art. From pop-ups to permanent exhibitions, in and out of museums and galleries, in a multitude of media, how can the Department of Visual Cultures begin to picture the range, diversity and extent of their alumni’s creative achievements and contributions to culture?

Gavin has come up with an answer:

“I’ve decided to create an online map of the world, with a pin on it for each artistic project one of our alumni has worked on. I have a dedicated member of staff making that map. She is already researching the CVs of the alumni we’re personally in touch with, and we hope to launch the map by the end of the academic year. Once it’s established we’ll make sure we update it regularly. We want to be as inclusive as possible, but we know we won’t have thought of everyone…”

(Source: Flickr)

And that is where you, as an alumnus of the Department of Visual Cultures, can help! Simply get in touch with us with what you know. Are you an art professional from Visual Cultures? Friends with an artist from the Department’s degrees, such as the BA in Fine Art and History of Art? Been to an exhibition curated by a Visual Cultures alumni? Would it make sense to include some of your work as a writer or academic – if that’s you?

Just get in touch. The Department is easy to contact – @ViscultFacebook or email – all will reach Visual Cultures and help the Department more fully celebrate the creative work of their alumni. And we’ll make sure we let you know when the map is online.