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Anita Elias- Goldsmiths voice trainer and visiting lecturer

Voice trainer, actor and Goldsmiths visiting lecturer Anita Elias as the candidate in the 2015 advert for Shreddies Nanas

Voice trainer, Goldsmiths visiting lecturer and actor Anita Elias playing the role of the candidate in the 2015 Shreddies Nanas launch NanaState advert.

Longstanding Associate Lecturer in the Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, Anita Elias, passed away 22nd December 2021 at her home in Hampstead at the age of 79.

Anita was an outstanding voice coach and highly respected professional actor having studied at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London for three years.

She taught use of voice to MA Radio students at Goldsmiths University of London as an associate lecturer for 25 years.

Many generations of broadcast journalists and radio broadcasters owe her a great debt for the skills and confidence she imbued in them.

She is in a noble tradition in Goldsmiths’ history.

Anita’s willingness to travel to New Cross for the very modest fees paid to visiting lecturers and provide all the benefits of her artistic and professional knowledge and experience represents a vital part of the story of the College.

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