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Goldsmiths History Project- online digital index

   The Goldsmiths History Project Online Digital Index

Picture of the front of Goldsmiths, University of London with the gates closed.

Unlocking the secrets and history of Goldsmiths, University of London. Image: Tim Crook

(work in progress)


Aborigines- nickname given to first Goldsmiths’ College students

Annand, Vicky – former Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Communications

Art School – Graham Sutherland and Winston Churchill


Barrage Balloon site on the College Green/backfield with entrance to St Donat’s Road during WW2

Basri, Naim- Iraqi Jewish student teacher during late 1930s and early 1940s

Boxer, Sidney Smith Esquire – casualty of Crimean War and Royal Naval School New Cross cadet

Bourne, Stephen- social historian and author

Bracher, Dr David- student late 1960s, documentary photographer and author of photographic book ‘They Way We Were’, published 2011

British Psychological Society- Goldsmiths Vice-Principal for Women, Caroline Graveson, one of the first women members

Browning, Robert – A selection of his poems and their analysis published by Lecturer William Thomas Young for Cambridge University Press in 1911


Carrington, Lieutenant Edward – Royal Naval School cadet & casualty of Crimean War

Chapel of the Royal Naval School- which eventually became the George Wood Theatre

Chatterjee, Shiba Prasad- A Letter To My English Friends- the political dignity of an Indian student at Goldsmiths in 1933

Childers, Erskine- author of The Riddle of the Sands and friend of William Loring

Choral Union and Goldsmiths’ Symphony Orchestra

Churchill, Winston – statue by Ivor Roberts-Jones and painting portrait by Graham Sutherland

Cleese, John- of Monty Python fame performing at the students’ Summer May Ball of 1967

Colyer, Frank – student 1905-7

Conway, Greg- Student Union Social Secretary 1967-68

Coton, Graham- Art School student and graphic artist at Goldsmiths during Wold War Two

Crimean War – Royal Naval School casaulties

“Cripps”- the College Beggar

Crisp, Quentin- life model and tutor

Working at Goldsmiths in New Cross during World War Two

Crown – Netflix drama series

Cutten,  Henry Richard ‘Dick’, Pilot Officer and teacher alumnus who died during World War Two


Dabby, Reuben, Iraqi Jewish student teacher late 1930s and early 1940s

Dean, Arthur Edis- Third Warden of Goldsmiths

Remembrance at Goldsmiths- a question of resilience?

Deptford Borough Council-

Relations with Goldsmiths’ College during World War Two


The College’s donkey was mentioned being straddled ‘by a weirdly dressed figure’ in a 1926 Daily Mail report of students being arrested near New Cross Gate station when collecting rag week funds.

The Goldsmiths donkey had its own stable and was by far the most popular creature in the College with staff and students

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan- spiritualist who held meeting in the Great Hall in 1918

Dymes, Dorothy- Vice-Principal for Women 1935-53


Eardley, Joan – Artist and art student in 1938-9

Edwards, Malcolm- later changed his named to McLaren

Elias, Anita- Goldsmiths voice trainer and visiting lecturer

Elliott, David- undergraduate 1961-64 and leading UK publisher

Enwonwu, Ben MBE- African artist and modernist

Eurythmics by Goldsmiths’ College students 1916-18


Fareed or Farid, Osman- Egyptian student at Goldsmiths 1907-09, one of the first overseas students

Fenton, Roger – Crimean War photographer

Firth, Anthony E., Deputy Warden and author of Goldsmiths History 1991

Fraser, Eric (1902-1983)- Goldsmiths Art School student (1919-24) who became famous for designing iconic covers and illustrations in the Radio Times 


Gardiner, Clive Art School Headmaster/Principal 1929-1958

As tutor to Joan Eardley

Kept the Art School in New Cross during the Second World War

George Wood Theatre- prayers, pageants and performances

Gilroy, Paul Professor

Giltrap, Gordon- folk musician and active member of the College’s Folk Club during 1960s

Glockler, John- Goldsmiths College Student Union Social Secretary 1968-69

Golddream- the music culture at Goldsmiths in the late 1960s

Goldsmithian – February 1907

Goldsmiths Company’s Recreative and Technical Institute

Gorman, Paul- author of biography published in 2020 ‘The Life and Times of Malcolm McLaren’

Graveson, Caroline-

A founding conscience of Goldsmiths’ College and first women’s Vice-Principal

Remembrance at Goldsmiths- a question of resilience?

Gregory, Professor Ken- Remembering Goldsmiths’ ninth Warden between 1992 and 1998



Hinwood, Meg

Hoggart, Richard – main building


‘it wont rain roses’- 1963 pamphlet published by Goldsmiths staff and students, and the pursuit for justice in education


Jones, Cuthbert Edward William- Aircraftsman 1st Class and teacher alumnus who died a Japanese POW in World War Two


King Crimson- progressive rock group which performed at Goldsmiths Arts Festival in 1969


Lacy, William Braithwaite 2nd Lieut. casualty of the First World War and commemorated on Goldsmiths memorial tablet

Laurie Grove Baths- The Artesian Well of Contemporary Art

Lauwerys, John- Student Union activist who inaugurated Gold Dream Festivals from 1966

League of Nations Union at Goldsmiths

Lewis, R.O Esquire, & Master of HM Transport Resolute,  Casualty of Crimean War & Royal Naval School, New Cross cadet.

Leyden, Albrecht von – creator of reproduction of Sutherland’s Churchill portrait

Library fire of 1971

Loring, William- Goldsmiths’ first Warden

Remembrance at Goldsmiths- a question of resilience?

Loughrey, Pat, 12th Warden of Goldsmiths- ‘A proper steward’ of a ‘remarkable’ and ‘unique’ university, 2010-2019

Lucie-Smith, Edward on Graham Sutherland


Mann, Richard Henry, Leading Aircraftsman who died on College Green/backfield 26th June 1944

Mansfield, Arthur and John- College accountants

Working at Goldsmiths and with Deptford Borough Council during World War Two

Marriott Frederick- the first headmaster of Goldsmiths’ Art School from 1891 to 1925

Mason, David- student during the late 1960s and editor of the student union’s weekly newspaper Smith News

Maugham, Somerset  portrait by Graham Sutherland

 McKimmie, Alexander Lieut. of the Royal Flying Corps- casualty of the First World War and commemorated on Goldsmiths’ memorial tablet

McLaren, Malcolm (also known as Edwards)

Memorial to casualties of the Crimean War who were Royal Naval School New Cross cadets

MI5- The Security Service and Goldsmiths, trying to access the archives

Milligan, Desmond – student & brother of Spike Milligan who attended Art Diploma course after World War Two

Milligan, Terence ‘Spike’ Alan – evening student at Goldsmiths’ College 1930s

‘Misbehaving students’- College rules and what happened to those who broke them

Moody, Ernest, Leading Aircraftsman who died on College Green/backfield 26th June 1944

Moody, Dr Harold- founder of the League of Coloured Peoples

Morris, Richard – Mate of HMS Wasp, casualty of Crimean War & Royal Naval School cadet

Murray, Lieutenant James of the Royal Engineers – Crimean War casualty & Royal Naval School cadet


Nakar, Salim- Iraqi Jewish student teacher at Goldsmiths late 1930s and early 1940s

Nicklin, Richard – civilian photographer & casualty of Crimean War

Nottingham University- evacuation to at the beginning of World War Two in 1939


Overseas students- the first at Goldsmiths, 1907-09, Osman Fareed (or Farid) and Mohommet (or Mohammed) Subhi from Egypt 


Perkins, Nigel- a Zen lecturer who gave Goldsmiths more than four decades of teaching and inspiration

Physick, Edward James – sculptor of marble monument to Royal Naval School New Cross cadets who fell in the Crimean War

Postcards from Goldsmiths- the equivalent of emails or instagrams in early 20th century Britain

Prefects of Goldsmiths’ College

Profitt, Russell MBE- first Black President of any UK student union at Goldsmiths late 1960s

 On Cream performing in the Great Hall in 1967

Remembering Malcolm Edwards/McLaren at Goldsmiths

Remembrance at Goldsmiths- a question of resilience?



Quant, Mary

Mary Quant- the entrepreneurial fashion legend whose genius was inspired by her time at Goldsmiths


Raymond, Diana – novelist only daughter of Goldsmiths lecturer William Thomas Young

Raymont, Thomas Professor- 2nd Warden of Goldsmiths

Remembrance at Goldsmiths- a question of resilience?

Raymont, Major Oliver Thomas Morton- son of Thomas Raymont

Richards, Captain Edwin – Casualty of Crimean War and Royal Naval School New Cross cadet

Riddle, Dave- Student Union Social Secretary late 1960s and later member of staff

Witness to the library fire of 1971

Roberts, George Arthur BEM MSM- fireman stationed in New Cross

Rogers, David- The Goldsmiths Cicero whose political career has served the college for nearly 60 years

Rothwell, Percy Thomas- Outstanding Goldsmiths’ student, lecturer who played Hockey for England, survived Dunkirk, liberated Tobruk and then died defending it

Royal Naval School – Crimean War veterans and casualties

Royal Naval School – College Beggar

Rules for Goldsmiths’ College Students set out in 1914-15 Handbook


Schama, Simon

Seacole, Mary – contemporary to Royal Naval School New Cross veterans who served during Crimean War

Shaw, John Jr – architect of Richard Hoggart Main Building

Skinner, Peter- student union activist during late 1960s and enthusiastic participant in College’s music culture

“Smiths Hymn”- The Goldsmiths’ College Hymn was sung at morning assemblies during several decades of the 20th century with words written by Caroline Gaveson

Somekh, Ezrah, Iraqi Jewish student teacher at Goldsmiths late 1930s and early 1940s

Spufford, Francis- Professor of Creative Writing and author of Light Perpetual

Subhi, Mohommet or Mohammed- Egyptian student at Goldsmiths 1907-09, one of the first overseas students

Sutherland, Graham

Sutherland, Kathleen

“Swanky Swotters”- women students who styled themselves with this title in 1910

Swanwick, Betty- artist and Goldsmiths Art School lecturer- 1936-1969

Lecturer in Art School in New Cross during Second World War

Swarbrick, David- student teacher 1968-72


There Ain’t No Black In The Union Jack- influential book by Professor Paul Gilroy

‘They Died for Freedom And Honour’- remembrance monument board at entrance to main building.

Thirties, the- Historical timeline, navigating the Depression and the Prelude to War

Tutu,  Archbishop Desmond Tutu- when came to Goldsmiths- only months after the release of Nelson Mandela



V1 Flying bomb explosion on the backfield/College Green June 1944

v2 Rocket bomb disaster at Woolworths New Cross Road November 1944

Victory Dinner at Goldsmiths’ College in 1924


War Artists Advisory Committee 1946

Wheeler, Ernest- Vice Principal for Men and veteran of Dunkirk evacuation



Young, William Thomas- English lecturer and greatly lamented Goldsmiths’ casualty of Passchendaele 1917




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