Resilience means quickly adapting

We’ve heard from speakers about the ability to respond to the conditions we’re working under – how they have developed in order to do so, or pulled on experiences or skills from the past.

Today is a day when overnight parts of the UK were put back in to Lockdown without notice, or support put in place.

We are postponing our final speaker – Ruth Ibeguna – until things become a little more secure, safe and stable again.

Not the end we’d planned, the end we have, and the end that is somehow fitting.

Although, this isn’t completely the finale of the festival – we will be filming a conversation with Ruth, creating an archive of this Festival and time and a report.

Thanks and love to all who have engaged and supported the work we have done together.
Adrian and Siân

Adrian and Siân – in the days when we could be together, plan and re-make