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The Theory, Culture & Society special section on ‘Global Culture Revisited’ Annual Review 37(7-8), December 2020

Mike Featherstone, editor, Theory Culture & Society (TCS), Professor of Sociology in ICCE edited the special section on ‘Global Culture Revisited’.

Problematizing the Global:  Introduction to Global Culture Revisited,’ Special section on Global Culture Revisited
Mike Featherstone

This paper serves as an introduction to the special section on Global Culture Revisited which commemorates the 30th anniversary of the publication of the 1990 Global Culture special issue. It examines the development of interest in the various strands of globalization and the question of whether there can be a global culture. The paper discusses the emergence of alternative global histories and the problematization of global knowledge. It examines the view that the current Covid- 19 pandemic signals a turning point, or change of epoch, that marks the end of peak globalization (Gray, Mignolo). The paper also discusses the view that global was always a limited cartographic term which failed to adequately grasp our terrestrial location on the earth (Latour). Currently, there is considerable speculation about the emergent politics of a new world order, with civilizational states set alongside nation- states, opening up an epoch of greater pluriversality, and at the same time greater uncertainty.

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