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The Final Day of the SELFestival Comes to an Inspiring Close

22 July

Today has been the final day of the SELFestival. And what a day to end this incredibly insightful festival, filled with so many speakers, who were beyond generous in opening up their research, their practice and their vulnerabilities to inform and invigorate us.

Reflections Day 10

We spent this morning in massive reflection with Dr. Harriet Harris.  Dr. Harris opened her discussion with the status quo of current global ecologies, and how the way we in a capitalist society have designed consumerism, and product design, resulting in catastrophic consequences. However, Dr. Harris very quickly shifted the discussion into looking at the idea of end-users and how to innovate and think around using technology or moving away from technology to infiltrate innovation and deconstructing, as opposed to building. Dr. Harris’ quick wit and fast pace, while covering a broad range of different topics that all intersect and connect us. Dr. Harris challenged all of us to think about what we can do to create a framework that will innovate what the ’afterlife’ will look like, and how to take charge of designing in a way that uses a multitude of influences. A poignant moment came at the end of her talk, when she used Mycelia as a lifeform that takes a non-binary form to create its own eco system. Finally, she enriched us with five principles to consider for a truly sustainable ecology and how we could design this for ourselves.

          Green Door Pictures Logo

In the afternoon Ana Garanito Head of Scripted Content at Green Door Pictures revelled us with her journey into Script Development. She created a lively and genuine conversation around demystifying entry into media and film. The same way there is no specific path in life, there is not specific path into media, and those who claim to “know” only know what has worked for them. But each pathway is different and unique. Creating a career in the media industry is parallel to creating an enterprise, in that the way forward is to try a number of different opportunities and seize the advantages when they come. Ana spoke with passion and fervour about her work with Green Door Pictures, a production company that champions diversity of thought and inclusion in every way, from the writers room, to creative team, to onscreen presence. She was generous and caring for those in the session building confidence and highlighting the value of experience in, by changing personal narratives to appreciate one’s own skills and accomplishments.

What’s Next?

As we reflect back on these two weeks, we are so grateful and fortunate to know the speakers that came into theses sessions with their full and authentic selves. Highlighting the work that is improving lives globally and humbling themselves to be accessible to our audiences. We wish to thank each and every speaker for their time and thoughtfulness they put into each session.  


We will bring you more highlights from the festival and what materials and resources are now being created to archive and celebrate the work of truly sustainable, creative and inclusive people and enterprises who have made the SELFestival possible.  



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