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Babies teach Developmental Psychology class

On Friday January 25th a mum and two babies (9 months and 23 months) visited our BSc Psychology 2nd year class in Developmental Psychology. The babies played games that are designed to show how they are learning new skills. We performed aspects of standardized tests called the Mullen Scales of Early Learning.

A special thank you to Claire and her children for helping with this class and to our PhD student Natasa for playing all of the games! Check out the videos below of the babies time in class!

In the second video Claire explains her choice to raise her children gender neutral. This discussion begins at around the 29 minute mark.

The Mullen Scales are a set of games that each focus on a different area: Gross Motor (standing, walking, crawling), Visual Reception (matching objects, noticing the difference between objects) Fine Motor (picking things up, building things from toys), Expressive Language (how babies express themselves through language) and Receptive Language (language understanding). These tasks attempt to assess the cognitive and motor abilities of children (specifically from 2 months to 45 months) and is generally used for seeing if children are intellectually ready to go to attend school.

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