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Research at home

Most studies take place in our labs at Goldsmiths. But some are designed for you and your baby to do at home on your computer or phone.

Questionnaire for parents
Dr Evelyne Mercure has a questionnaire study looking at language development and maternal well-being during lockdown. It is mostly appropriate for mothers of babies between 12 and 24 months.

Click here to take part.

Video Study for 24-30 month olds – Musical abilities

We have teamed up with Cambridge Babylab to create a fun video study of toddlers drumming abilities. We’re looking for families with children aged 2 – 2.5 years to take part.

This helps us learn how controlling rhythm is related other developing skills.

The study takes ~15 minutes and can be done at home using your computer (and a table to bang on!)  Click here to take part


Baby laughter games

Age: 3 months and over
Type: webcam
Length: 20 minutes

We are working with MIT’s Lookit team using their web software to let you collect data for us. Sitting in front of your computer with your baby, it records their responses using your laptop’s webcam. Our study involves you trying some joking games with your baby and seeing what reaction you get. It’s fun

Baby play diary

Sign up for our smartphone based study.

Age: 6-8 months
Type: iPhone
Length: 5 minutes per day for 7 days

This unique study aims to find out what parents are doing with their babies in the stream of everyday life. It involves downloading our iphone app and keeping a simple electronic diary for a week. Complete the study  and you will receive a £10 Amazon voucher as a thank you!

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