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How we use your data

The memories that you share will be stored on the Archive section of this website, with copies also going into the permanent collections at the Local History and Archives Centre based at Lewisham Council.  

The recollections will inspire a range of creative public events and activities that will take place across Lewisham in 2022.

With your permission, your contribution will be preserved as a permanent resource for use in research, publications, education, lectures, broadcasting, creative and cultural events / activities and the internet. 

Where we are unable to use contributions, they will be permanently deleted with no data stored or shared. 

If your contribution has been used in any way on this website, you can ask us to remove it by contacting the In Living Memory programme team: We may be unable to remove your contributions from publications already in circulation. 

Once your contributions have also been deposited in the Local History and Archives Centre based at Lewisham Council in early 2023, they will be permanently held in their collection. Removal requests should be directed to: 

We will never use your information without your permission. Tell us exactly how it should be used by completing a consent form.